Monday, January 30, 2012

Harvest Monday - Right?

How does Daphne's Harvest monday go? Oh, that's it, you grow something and put it up so people will believe you. Proof is in the 1000 words right? Ok, so here it goes. The lettuce flat was getting out of control. A bit of it was leggy from growing under weaker lights for the first weeks. I had to thin them out anyway. It's finally starting to look like lettuce! Real leaves. Everything. Most exciting. After all of that managed to get a bowl of delicious sprouts. Spicy flavor and aromas mixed with general lettuce-ness.

Hey now... Be nice! It counts. I recall planting them seeds, watering, giving it light, and 'harvesting'. So there. *tongue*

Earlier I was replying to a comment on a previous posting. Seems humorous enough. (sad face) I'll just repost it here:

" Sadness though, a day or two ago I was using the pressure cooker to make chili, aka beans from scratch. The pressure cooker was being a butt. Had it only half filled but it still wanted to froth out of the top when it got to pressure. Opened it up, emptied a bit of liquid out. Cleaned the seal etc. It did it again, however, the fun happened the second time when it frothed and liquid poured over the lip of the oven creating a nice colorful mix of zaps and sparks of blue and orange. Me screaming bloody murder as I am running to 
the breaker. Turns out I toasted the entire range. Melted electronics. *damn* Thats an expensive diner!! "

That's real lettuce! I'm excited.


  1. Of course it counts. And those sprouts are more nutritious that a whole head of grocery store big Ag. lettuce. So your harvest is big on taste and nutrition.

  2. Newly harvested lettuce is a gardener's delight, congrats.

    And here's a link that might help with those beans! -
    I might even give this a try. :)

  3. Thank you for the link Leigh. The sprouts were just perfect onto of a toasted and well buttered bagel. Yum.

    We use the pressure cooker several times a week in our home cooking. I think it is just me. I can cook many other delights, however, the ability to pressure cook beans isn't my strong point as it is with my other....

    That is what you call a balanced household!

  4. very envious of your new lettuce stash! I'm stuck with buying mine at Costco.. until the spring when I will be cursing that i now have too much fresh funny how that works!

    1. Very difficult to hit that sweet spot middle road isn't it. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Why thank you, 1st Man. :) Have to do something to bid the time in 'winter' yes?