Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowed In

Apparently winter has come. A coat of snow blankets the ground for the time being. Shame though, it has been sunny and clear outside apart from the frozen earth. Much of it melted today. Hmm, perhaps tomorrow will find me back to double-digging the remaining front yard garden?

The last few days in attempt to amuse myself I've taken to building a few seed flats. I had some spare wood left over from the raised beds when I changed the over all design to include a walkway in the middle for ease. Mixed in some yard soil and a bit of compost/potting soil over broadcasted lettuce seeds.

80 hours into planting. A boxful of 2-3 inch plants. These buggers really want to grow. Gardening has officially started.

Check out the video.


  1. I love your seed box! Great idea.


    1. Thank you! :) First time starting things in flats. It's quite surprising how fast seeds want to get going on their journeys. Have to add that its comical that at the moment I was just starting to check out your blog when I noticed you commented.