Monday, May 14, 2012

updated w/Video - Fast Runnings.

Did a number of things recently. This morning planted out all the 16 plants of yellow strawberries grown from seed. Had to really dig up the soil with a fork near the fence. It was hard as a rock. It is no wonder why the tulips previously there (Dug up to be moved to another location... probably around the "unknown" tree) didn't have a very extensive root structure. I wouldn't be happy stretching my legs out either.

Finally growing tired of seeing a practically dirt filled bed allocated to solanums, did something about it. Couple days back we planted out the eggplants from the basement. A couple that were previously planted in the bed are shooting new leaves but a few died as well. Started up a seed tray of more tomatoes, hot peppers, and sweet peppers. They are doing excellent. Sitting out in the sun they are really shooting out in only a week or so. These peppers will replace all the carnage in the solanum bed aside from the one that did survive.

The Okras are just blah. Although as in the video, there is a sprouted seed coming along. I sworn there was another by the other Okra stick, however, it could honestly be just a simple weed.

The rabbit eaten yellow and red Chard are making their way back to being pretty.

Oh, the english garden rocks now. All the plants have filled themselves out and are working on flowering.  Forget what they are called.... broad flat leaf plant.. anyhow, it has gorgeous violet flowers atop of a very long stalk. (Once I get the video up one of you will have to re-learn me what exactly is it again. I happen to like them.)

One last thing! On sunday built a pea trellis/string teepee. I really enjoy the look of it over a regular fence trellis. Gives the garden some depth to look at. Planning on creating a few more to go in the empty space left in the front yard. I'll use it for the sagami hanjiro cucumbers and training the costata romanesco zuchini to do acrobatic things.

Speaking of which.... and I guess this really is the last thing. Still need to plant a number of herbs and the melons, zukes, cukes, and hmm a few other things. Perhaps I will do it on tuesday morning or evening. Lately I've been working third shift and while I enjoy being in the garden at sunrise after work, it is quite a toll to wrap your head around it. *digress*

Enjoy your day everyone!

- Cloud

Fuzzy Ipad 2 Photos - Violet flower in English Garden
Pea String Trellis | Teepee

#18 Run 'em Through! March 14th, 2012


  1. Looks like your bearded Iris is blooming in pretty blue color :)

    1. That's it! Thank you. :) It is gorgeous. More of a deep violet color. Once the video finishes uploading to youtube you can see it better detail.

      Thanks Jenny.

  2. Looking good! It's so busy in the garden this time of year. I'm glad to hear you're able to hand in there during 3rd shift. Hey! At least you're not double digging.

    1. Thats true... I did that all in december and january.