Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Few days Late

Took this video on the 6th of May. Few days ago. Since then the garden has grown a bit. I was telling V this morning how tonight we need to eat a bit of salad because the garden is getting out of control....

This video encompasses nearly everything but specifically the Wheat, Broccoli, and Potatoes.

Today while outside this morning I noticed that the eggplant sticks are sprouting new leaves. A few of the pepper sticks are still green and the Okra is hanging in there. The potatoes really are bulging up out of the dirt in the front yard now.

I've had a few conversations with jody @ spring garden Acre about broccoli plants. So here is my video reply to how the have gotten on so far being planted in february in michigan.



  1. Awesome! I'm jealous! Ha. And Okra? You must be from the South originally. Or you just have great taste. I love okra but find so many people don't.

    1. LOL. Thanks. Originally from AZ. Okra is a great veggie. Either fried or made into indian cuisine. Bhindi Masala (The okra curry). Up here in michigan when you find okra in the store it is already half dead and turning off colors. *Shrugs*

      So !st, we are finally in the time of the season where you take video clips to make a video a few days ago everything changes by the time you upload it. :) Not a bad time of year if you ask me. Which you did not but I will happily spout off about anyway. hah.

      The variety is Stewarts Zeebest from Baker Creek Seeds in MO.