Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Could have done a Harvest monday but decided on Ambulance ride instead. :)

Let me preface this posting with 'Aal izz Well'. (Intentionally spelled this was in reference to a bollywood movie recently seen called, Three Idiots)

The garden assures me that there was plenty of things to be had yesterday, however, we passed it up to have fun at the hospital instead.

Yesterday we had the most splendid of rainfalls. As fellow garden blogger and Michigander, Dorothy, can attest, Michigan really needed it.

The corn was happy. The beans were elated. Heck, I'm sure even the onions are enjoying it. They are in a fattening up stage now. The soil is beginning to crack around them. Exposing golfball sized bulbs so far. Very exciting!

V was at work. The rain stops. I decide to head out front to bring the tomatoes some sort of order again. The downpours did a number on them. No stem breakage or anything of the sort. Just general 'all over the place'.

This year we are continuing to use a gallows and string method. Whereas you wrap a string around the base of the plant and then as it grows up you twist it carefully around the string. The other end is attached to a board overhead. A gallows of sorts. I'll have to get a photo....

Outside in the sun, I was instead using a florida weave method to prop them up as I ran out of small twine.

It wasn't overly hot. It was sunny. Actually quite pleasant (As opposed to today @94F which is a nice AZ winter that the peppers are in love with...).

Ok, Im rambling on here. Sorry. Focus! :)

My vision started to become distorted while I was weaving the tomatoes. A growing feeling of light-headedness. Once the tomatoes were fixed, I went inside to lay on the couch.  Then my head started to hurt. Strange. I never get headaches. Then my left arm/fist was growing numb as limbs do when you sleep on them or constrict blood flow. Lastly a horrendous feeling of nausea.

By this time, V, returned from work. I was attending the tomatoes somewhere between noon and two. She returned say 5 or 6.

Knowing I wasn't in a good health boat at the moment we went to urgent care. Now those are a gem of the US health system. Bleh. I was so nauseated by this point coupled with a pounding headache that I spent near an hour in the urgent care bathroom. Clearing my stomach. No one bothered to wonder about it aside from V. Finally they did come see me. The doctor wasn't the most pleasant of people we've come across in our lives. Anyhow, due to the combination of head ache, nausea, and arm issues they determined I had to go by ambulance to the hospital with the possibility of an aneurysm. My very first ride in one. :)

Lovely. Just lovely.

The doctor puts an IV in my right arm. Of course botches it so she has to do a second. They never do get needles right the first time do they? Anyone?

Six hours in the Er room. Chatting up a bunch of doctors. o2 sensor on my finger. Fluid drip. Some benadryl drip for the nausea. (Didn't realize that it could be used for that purpose) and something else for the headache. That benadryl really had me fading though. :)

Cat scan around 11pm to make sure my brain was good. AND. Yes. I have an absolutely beautiful brain. The grey matter is just the essence of a perfect shade.  No bleeding.

Oh, lastly, the whole time I was shivering uncontrollably. They had to wrap me pretty well in blankets.

What was it then? In the beginning I was really concerned perhaps I was having solanum poisoning after all the tomatoes. However, I haven't a clue as to the symptoms of that. Perhaps metal poisoning from all the yummy garden food?

Their opinion is Migraines. I've never had them before nor the simple headache really. Hmm.

Today Im feeling much better. The sinks are clean.

I am inside with Kiki aka Mr. Pickles and we are thumbing our noses up at the 94F weather outside.

Hmm, but we really do want to make another video for all of you!!!

Happy gardening everyone!


  1. Soooooooo sorry! I suffered with cluster migraines for years...really awful. Then about 5 years ago one of my kids mentioned my migraines and it dawned on us I hadn't had one for at least 3 years! I hope I never get another...really awful.

  2. Wow that is terrible. I am glad to hear you are ok..but are you ok? I would seek out another doctor for a second opinion. I get horrible migraines that can take me out for days, but I have never heard of arm numbness with a migraine. That is why I think you should get a second opinion. That sounds vascular. Better safe than sorry.

  3. Yeah, what Jane said. I have a cousin that has migraines and is frequently off work because of it and I just emailed her and she said she has never had numbness.

    Please take care of yourself, don't make us come up there! LOL!

  4. After the 6 plus hours with the various doctors and paramedics yeterday, I can rest assured I am doing A-OK. :)

    @ Lynda : Glad to hear they have been gone for years now! A friend years ago had them constantly. Seems very debilitating to me. I'm happy that I rarely have even a headache period.

    @Jane : It wouldn't have occured to me either. The resident didn't believe it was an aneurysm after going through everything but the over-seeing Doctor had us do the Cat scan due to the arm bit. After seeing that my brain and therefore its vascular system was good. They and I agree Im good. :)

    I did think of one thing that both V and I found funny but went over the residents head at the time... He asked if there was blood in the vomit. I said, "Nope, just Kale". *giggles*

    @ 1st : Thank you for the concern. It's definitely genuine if you would brave going outside to walk this far north but having to move through SW heat first. HAH

  5. i'm very sorry to hear about you getting sick but it sounds like a sunstroke combined with migarane triggered by strong smells - tomatoes. not pleasant thing to go through but the description is very much what you went through. drink alot of liquids and feel better.

    1. Migraines are scent triggered as well? I'm learning all sorts of new things lately. I am not sure about the sunstroke bit. Perhaps.

      Thanks! I feel much better today.

    2. scent, sound, light, dehydration, taste can all trigger migranes (and i've had them since i can remember being a kid). heat stroke doesn't need super hot or long exposures - it's an angle of the sun hitting you - if it hits you on the back of the neck you can get it very fast. combined with smell of tomato plants i'm sure it didn't help.

    3. Geesh. Sounds like they get you coming and going, Jenny. Makes me sad to hear that you have had to deal with them for so long! :/

  6. I had severe migranines for lots of years finally stopped about 10 years ago ... never had numbness in my arms, that sounds more like a stroke or heart problem, if it happens again call ambulance first.
    Did you have sensitivity to light/noise, those were problems I also had with vomiting due to migranines along with not being able to turn my head from side to side due to pain.

    1. Your symptoms sounded much like my own yesterday. :/ What do you account for them stopping 10 years ago?

  7. You might consider asking about an MRI/MRA. You can't always tell an aneurysm on a CT. I'm just a lowly x-ray tech (the economy isn't good enough for me to be cross trained,so by no means an authority) but it seems odd to me that they would've only ordered a CT.

    1. I believe it was due to the fact I continue to have all motor and sense functions. No blurred speech or reasoning. All cognitive abilities/muscle control etc. It was based on that plus the lack of any findings on the CT etc. :)

  8. Well, good grief @ (may I call you @? I feel we should be on a first name basis by now....oh, that would be Stay!). Let's start that again...

    Well, good grief Stay, I hope you are alright. I'm not a headachey type of person, but I still can sympathize with you. I just hope those doctors know what they're talking about. Take care. We kinda like you, ya know.

  9. What a scary experience! I hope you are feeling better but I have to echo some of the other comments and do not assume that the final diagnosis is migraines. Just try to be in tune to how your body is feeling and don't hesitate to take action if something is wrong.

  10. Oh my. How scary. I am so sorry you and your family went through this though am glad it was "just a migraine" (like those are horrible). Hope it never happens again. BTW: Love the kale vomit bit! Made me laugh.

  11. @ Granny. :) I like all of you as well. First name would be Cloud.

    @ Grafix : Yep. Scary. I'm feeling awesome today. Yesterday though I knew I wasn't functioning correctly so had to check it out. Lucky all the Docs and scans say im A-ok.

    @ Coral : I hope so too. I've enjoyed my headache free life so far. Would be a shame to change it all up now. Hah. I agree. The Kale bit was funny. ;)

  12. Good grief, this was worrisome to read. Hopefully it was a one time occurrence.

  13. I suffered with migraines for almost 20 years and never experienced numbness in my hands or arms. Like everyone else has said, just be careful and aware of what's happening in your body...trust your instincts. I'm glad you're feeling better now but your brain is not something to mess around with ;-)

  14. bloody hell! all the best from here in the UK.