Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Monday Postings? Seems Excessive...

Here's video # 21

For those of you into that sort of thing. :)


  1. The weather here is the UK has just been barmy. mental even. No summer to speak of. A warm, dry autumn and winter. Coldest spring ever and now it's June, it's just like April outside. Cold and rainy.


    1. Mental indeed.

      There wasn't a winter per say (For local conditions that is) here in Michigan. I was out double digging beds in january when it is supposed to be frozen down 3-4 feet.

      Now what was supposed to be spring has had a number of quite hot days. So we get bolty lettuce. Go figure!

      I'd say chalk it up to the Jubilee, mate.

  2. Replies
    1. *nod* Why not. I mean. If you happen to have a head of light saber lettuce just lying around.