Monday, November 19, 2012

Highly Focused.

Greetings everyone.

I've been busy with Flying all over the US this past month. I've been aerial mapping in upstate NY, central Ohio, and now just south of Pittsburg, PA. This season is wild. I have been doing this for going on five seasons now. Taking last year off. In the previous years we did not fly all that much in this fall section of the season. It would always be something. Low clouds. Fog. Rain. Snow. Snow-maggedon. Not this year. Its been full flying day after day. It is soo warm still! Is it the same for all of you?? I just don't know. We humans tend to look at short windows of time. A few years here and there. Perhaps some of you with multi decades at it would know more, but these last few have baffled me. Working (aerial mapping) based off of no snow on the ground and leaves on the trees has made me notice all these little differences.

I used to stare out the window and look down to just enjoy the scenery. Now I find myself looking at possible places to put a Tiny house and a large food garden.

Actually, with this obsessed goal of mine for the upcoming year, I even look at various small structures such as sheds and Tool buildings with the idea of Scale and Utility.

Funny how your mind switches to what you want. When you want a certain car for example, you see it everywhere. When you wish to build a tiny house with Post and Beam Construction and straw bale walls (less than 500SF) you begin to observe architectural design in the old style buildings around you. How they are laid out. The designs of the windows. The roof-line. Even the mouldings around the frames.

Like I said. Obsessions.

Best wishes to you all on the upcoming holidays! I hope to have plenty more 'road' videos to come. Perhaps a nice series of aerial footage of possible acre purchase areas. Im really enjoying this southern PA area with its rolling hills and towns carved into the valleys between two mountains. Looking down to see people having built their happy homes on the tops with clearings in the trees.

One thing that makes me wonder though as I fly all over the US is this... why is city planning so horrible? I mean. Most homes are not orientated to use the southern sun exposure. C'mon people! Its darn near free energy. Heck, a huge portion of homes are even set up east-west. *Shakes head*

Anyhoot. Below is a great video recently updated from a youtube author I follow : concerning bio-intensive gardening.


  1. Well, first of all, welcome back, even if for briefly before you fly off again, but hey, I think you're doing what you love so there is nothing wrong with that. It's so true what you say about when you have something in mind you want and you start seeing it everywhere. I bet you are finding all sorts of great places to live. Hey, if it comes down to having several to choose from, that's not a bad thing huh?

    You sound like you have a plan and you're moving in that direction and that's a good thing. That video was awesome. I need to read up on that some more. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I have a plan, 1st!

      :) Got some nice footage this afternoon of a few red barns out in the rolling mountains.

      Hey, is your area of Texas one that has very minimal or non existent building codes?