Saturday, January 12, 2013

All fun and Games....Until....

January 12th, 2013 - 83 days on the road ; 48 camping

Woke up this morning to acceptable flying weather. Crawled out of the tent. Slipped on the shoes. Unzipped the tent flap to air it out a bit. Proceeded to walk to the terminal to guilt my coworker in going up to work today....

The cloud layer was high enough to image. Just a few clouds at 2600 feet. Should have been just high enough over the plane to not bother the photos any. Once again my coworker had an issue with his tachometer, so he aborts his take-off. (He didn't attempt taking off, just noted a discrepancy and taxiied back to the hangar.)

The scattered layer turned out to grow confused. You see, as the day progresses and warms up... things are supposed to move higher up, not further down. Go Figure.

Second aircraft (Thats me) lands.

Flash forward. Hours spent on the computer using Google-SketchUp to render the Tiny House Dream that has been in haunting detail in my brain for months. I'm hungry. I have fancy oats. The terminal has a microwave.

Walk. Walk. Rain. Thoughts. Walk. Rain. Oh. Stop. Oh 'F'.  Run.

It's all fun and games until someone gets flood damage. :/

The rain pushed through the no-see-um mesh and made a puddle in the wool blanket/wall-to-wall carpeting. Managed to soak a bit of the head of the sleeping bag as well. :/

I zip it up and seal the flap back up.


I own a towel. I'll deal with it later.

So, yes. I am firmly a person whom shuts the barn door after the cows have already gone.

Happy New Years everybody!

P.s. Remember to shut the barn door!

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  1. LOVE IT! (not you getting soaked of course, ha), the little house! Awesome, I saw a couple more 'tiny house books' at Home Depot the other day and thought of you. If you had an address that didn't include "the middle of the forest, past tree #2, I'd send it to you, ha.

    Hope you dried out nicely.

    Wait, that sounds weird, hope your tent and sleeping place dried out nicely. LOL!

    1. :D Turns out the No-see-um mesh beaded off just enough to allow me to recover the tent with a towel. I should continue to sleep peacefully. It really has been nice to sleep outdoors these last two-ish months. Tonight is a low of 58. Crazyness. Remember when we had winter, 1st? Last January I was double digging the garden in Michigan.

      oh, and yes. Weird sounds indeed. Must be some small woodland creature rustling about.