Saturday, February 23, 2013

28 Days Later and I leave LA... but not without a Souvenir.

It's been a full 28 days in Houma, LA. A great run, but I had to eventually say Adieu. The people there were amazing. Saved heaps of money. A month closer to my summer goal. Only 80 or so days left before they leave me to my own devices. (Work done). Now I am in Alabama just east of Mobile. Once again the weather is rainy and cloudy.

Last night I was using my coworkers tent he purchased from Walmart. An Ozark Trail brand 2-person tent. He was heading out for the night to see some people not too far off. Before he left, he set up the tent complete with a 4 inch rubber mattress. I moved my zero degree bag and memory foam travel pillow over before it began to rain. 

Later that evening when I went to bed around midnight is when it all got interesting. I woke up to being sprayed in the face with water. Hmm... Turns out that the wind was driving the rain through the nylon fabric walls and misting me while in the sleeping bag. It started to collect on top of the mattress. I was still warm and dry inside my bag, though I had to cinch up the hood to keep the water annoyance off of me. My shoulder and hip were now saturated from the down soaking through and wicking up into my clothing. :-/ I knew I had enough testing on this tent, however, due to the torrential down pour, I wasn't about to open the door, drag my bag over, and switch tents!

I just had to ride it out.... and I did. 7 am comes and there is a break. I get up and go to the airport FBO to change into dry clothes. Toss in my bag in the dryer on the delicate cycle. Grab my summer 40F bag from my plane and walk back to my twinkie tube tent. Guess what? Bone dry inside. HAH

After a few more hours of sleep I get woken up to two of my coworkers hooting at me from behind the airport fence.

Well, a fun night indeed. Now about that Houma, LA souvenir....

I've been pondering a tattoo for ten years now. Finally made it to a place where I met a mechanic who's GF is an artist. A darn good one from the looks of my arm... ;) 4 hours of fun. 9:30pm to 1:30am. The next days weather was horrible so no work missed. I made the first few hours easy enough but that last one.... If it wasn't for knowing I would only have one shot at it and probably relocating soon, I may have done two sessions. I gritted it and lasted through the shading too. ;)

Hope all is well!

My Design : All Stenciled Up
Close to 2am and all finished.
Started Small for a First Tattoo.

Day after. The white ink Hand Visible.


  1. WOW! Awesome. That is very well done. That white ink is cool. Can you share the meaning? Or is it something personal? (sometimes tats are personal)

    I only have one, it's got some personal meaning and was an adventure for my 30th birthday. It's also in a place I can't share a picture of on the blog, ha.

    Stay warm and dry!

    1. Oh, dear... ;)

      It is a Jain symbol (the hand) which espouses non-violence and compassion to all creatures. The center of blue is the word 'ahimsa' in sanskrit. Meaning Non-violence.

      Behind it is the Buddhist Dharma wheel. As for my journey through life trying to find elightenment and meaning to it all. Aging. Learning.

      The Devangari writing is the Gayatri mantra. One that is very peaceful to listen to and with deep meaning.

      I would say, take a listen to the 'gayatri mantra' on ytube. The one with the female singer is quite vivid.

    2. Pretty close... My 33rd b-day was on the 13th. I got this tattoo a few days past that. ;) We must be kind spirits in thought.

    3. That's a beautiful meaning, seriously, I love that. Nicely done!

      I will check out youtube. As I get older, and more outside and in tune with nature (though I have a LONG way to go), I am becoming more aware of how we are all connected, all living things, plant and animal.

      Yeah, 30, and early 30's was a significant time in my life and a turning point for me. 33 was a crazy year for me, but then at 34 I calmed down, ha.

      Safe travels my friend!

  2. Your tattoo is amazingly intricate and very well done.

    I chuckled at your experience with the nylon tent. I could relate. :)

  3. Cloud,
    Cool tattoo. 1956, on my first overnight pass after basic training, yes, I got a tattoo. Yep, cost me two bucks. The tattoo lady was known as Painless Bee and her place was in St. Louis. Yes, the tattoo had a name in it. Anyway, about 1970 had it removed for $200.
    Do you know how to make sure your tattoos don't fade? Get them when you're old.
    Anyway, a few years back to celebrate, if you will, an unpleasant event, I got a Snoopy tattoo. Who would have thunk it?

    1. That is quite the story, George. I had to chuckle. ;)