Saturday, March 16, 2013


I should have added this simple photograph a week or so ago. When Ben and I finished our relocation flight all over the US, we ended up in Ashland, KY. The airport people remembered me from camping a few months earlier on the field. They allowed us to continue to do just the same. That is, pitch the tents and have access to the FBO lobby with its showers, kitchen, and Wifi after hours.

The nice book keeper lady mentioned to us that while the crew car is not meant for over night use we wouldnt have to feel pressed to have it back by 6pm. So... we went out and grabbed food, then groceries.

Upon return, however, it was discovered that we were locked out of the FBO. Luckily we had our tents pitched and supplies ready.

Here is a photograph of myself eating soy Ice Cream I bought but without a freezer (and it only hovering around freeze temps - Figuring it would make for lousy saving) decided to eat it in the vestibule area between the outside doors and those secured inside. Caveat... without a spoon one has to improvise. This case... the cleanest of the credit cards in pocket.


The ' Winter Camping' Utilitarian Beard is growing Epic!

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