Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cat walks

Day 170 : (Please let there only be 36 more to go...)

Several days have passed since the weather has cooperated enough to fly. So what interesting things have I gotten up to lately? No much. Its part of save mode. What I have been enjoying is developing a semblance of home life with the cat and I. I get up late in the morning, leaving the cat in the bag. A changing of guards you could say. Making sure the pad is inflated and with a pat on the sleeping bag I head off to the FBO to brush teeth and coffee.

Lately my days consist of walking up the main street in front of the airport to visit the various ethnic food shops. Get warm 'fresh' air. Then eventually settle in at the airport lounge to internet, catch up on all the cable shows I cannot see on the proper nights, listen to music... generally internally plan my bearings over the next month.

It wont be long until Ill have to push everything into motion. The days of planning are coming to an end.

I'm excited in a nervous sort of way. Im still smiling.

Eventually though you have to shut your brain down and head back to the tent. It has been a couple weeks now for the cat being on the road. He waits for me to speak his name as I walk across the hangar to him. Then crawls out of the bag to say hello.

Tonight seemed like a good time to let him go for a walk. Hes comfortable enough with the tent. He knows its the place to run back to when in danger etc. :) We took a nice walk around the large hangar filled with jets and smells galore. He even walked with me out the doors to roll in the dirt by the 'vintage' airstream. That cat loves a good dirt roll.

It is nice knowing I can say no when he ventures too far and he will mutter and begrudgingly come back.

Once back to the tent he bumps me in the face to let me know he wants food. He loves food. Just cant seem to shake the addiction after all these years. (A decade) ;)

Then off to bed I go. Cat left to his own device and mischief...

When the final photo came in at the track, Kiki found himself by a trailing edge. :(


  1. Love it! And I can "hear" the smile on your face come through in the words of your posting.

  2. I'm glad you have both adapted to life on the run! Kiki will probably be as excited as you when you're finally settled in your new little house.

    1. Im sure he will. Ive already envisioned little cat runs and cat doors from the floor of the house to an open crawl space under the house that he can safely spend nights exploring. (the plan is to build it on piers and then 'chicken wire/metal fencing' the posts to give a safe run area below for him.) Or maybe a stair case for him to go onto a cat balcony over looking the mountains/forest/desert depending on location we end up?

    2. That sounds pretty nice. Will it have a Granny room? ;-)

    3. I'll be a gentleman and let Granny have her Granny room, I'll stay in the cat run with Kiki!!!

    4. I think the Granny room will be the kitchen, but I'll gladly share it with 2nd Man!

    5. you two are a riot. i have to walk this cat and go to bed!