Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ten thousand views. :)

Day 189 : Louisville, KY

My dribble has finally garnered over ten-thousand views! Spectacular. :)

Not sure if any of you are familiar with Kentucky much. As noted in the previous posting, here in Louisville, they have a holiday of sorts called, Thunder over Louisville. It kicks off the two weeks before Derby. It's filled with an amazing airshow. Once it gets dark, they place barges in the center of the river to set off the largest fireworks show in the US.

It was pretty epic. (April 20th).

I've been minding my own here at the airport. Being low key. The week prior to Thunder there had been dozens of airshow planes filling up the ramp and hangar in front of the tent. Kiki has been amazing at adjusting to all the commotion. It really is akin to a changing of guards. I wake up. He hops into the sleeping bag and takes over for the day until our night walk. He really does enjoy those. Last night I could barely get him to race back to the tent. Sometimes I chase behind him in fun to get his little legs moving. He understands it's in jest. Besides he could use the steam burn off having to spend a bunch of his time lately in the tent.

In good fortune I managed to find myself the owner of two wrist bands to see 'Thunder' at the Galt Hotel. This hoity-Toity hotel on the water. Cote and myself left the airport to join in the fun. We ended up running into some airport work mates while there. They were renting out a room/apartment on the 12th floor. Free food, drinks, and a nice balcony to watch the show. It was amazing to be able to see the airshow buzzing over the water and various bridges between KY and IN from our vantage point. It was cold though, so when everyone else bundled together outside in seats for the fireworks... Cote and I grew smart, brought seats into the bedroom, drew open the curtains and enjoyed the same amazing show within the relative warmth of inside living. ;)

This last thursday I went on another date. A tall, pretty, artist woman from downtown Louisville here. It was nice. No square dancing this time! Just a peaceful conversation over craft beer and over priced, over-fancied food. Though all delicious. :)

When I think over it all, it is strange. I've been single nearly a year now, post a six year relationship. Now I find myself going on lovely dates with beautiful people. So much transition. I am amazed how things can change so abruptly. It wasn't what I envisioned just a short while ago.

Which brings me to this final note, the end of the season.

I'm hearing rubblings that the season may be ending here around May 15th. I hope so. Its right on cue with my money-saving/spreadsheet plans. For a while we have been getting emails from the boss in regards to possible leaf-on work in Texas and Montana. Also that there is still 30 projects of Leaf-off work in MN and WI. I'm sure it isn't a stretch to see after 189 days on the road...I've about had it. ;)

I'm hoping for the soon departure. If that bears out then it will only be a little more than two weeks away!

So what happens then?

Matt and I have been stuck in KY for ages. He was here for months prior to my arrival but now Im approaching a month here. The weather has been wretched for our line of work. I made a point to tell our boss that we needed more pilots two or three weeks ago. Now he constantly reminds us how slow we are progressing and the customers impatience. *shrug* Tomorrow he finally is sending us two more planes. *shakes head* Fashionably late isn't he?

I'm assuming we finish KY within the week and then relocate back north. Fly about doing clean up work. Then what?

- Well, I'll get told to return to Batavia, NY.
- After jumping up and down, Ill make my way all the way back to upstate NY, just south of   Rochester.
- Return the keys, put the plane away, Exit interview.
- Pick up my rental car. Fill it with the cat and our things.
- Drive the 6 hours back to Michigan to empty my storage unit.
- Arrange a U-haul and fill it with power-tools and coffee table.
- Begin a lovely journey to Colorado.

Then what? Well, here is where my little blog with its ten-thousand views finds its roots again. I transition to building that dream of a peaceful Off-grid existence takes place. No longer do I write about all the wanderings of road life, but about building a Homestead. AND GARDENING. :)

I appreciate all of you that have read my blog over the year. Thank you!

I hope you continue to do so as our life (cat and I) move beyond Michigan to a little bit of heaven and peace. With a sigh and a stay in Michigan of less than a day to collect my things, I'll turn my back and head face first into the new journey that awaits us.

Final Game - Red wings Gain a playoff spot for the 22nd year in a row!


  1. You have led such a fascinating life these last months, I can only imagine how much fun it will be to follow this next phase. I thank you, on behalf of myself and all the others who come here, for sharing it. I'll be right there for the next chapter with you and Kiki, wherever it may be. Safe journeys!!

  2. You won't be getting rid of me soon! I'm in it for the long haul, anxious to begin your (and Kiki's) new adventures. Did you get my email with the cute "tiny house" photos? When I saw them, I instantly thought of you :-)

  3. @1st ; :-)

    @Gran ; I did. I've been dissecting them ever since for upcoming ideas pertaining to my own build. ;)