Monday, May 20, 2013

Creakings, Hail, Rain, Thunder, and Tornados.

Hope everyone slept well last night!

Mr. Pickles and I had quite the night. There was a huge squall line that passed through Iowa last night. Well, in all honesty, it passed through much more than Iowa. Who is counting....

The cat and I were minding ourselves. Trying to sleep, however, I was awoken to being tapped constanting on the top of my head from the tent fabric walls being blown about. Hmm. Then the wind grew really wild. It was pushing the eastern wall over pretty well. The entire tent was flexing under the load of 42 Knot wind gusts. ;) That and the cracking of thunder had the cat throwing in the towel for being 'exposed' out and about inside the tent. He decided it was time to call it and sneak into the sleeping bag with me.

It has been warm at night lately so I've been sleeping in boxers and an undershirt. However, when the wind was picking up it made me think of the possibility of Tornados. So, decided to put my pants and shirt back on while riding out the storm. I did not want to be running around  the airport in incliment weather without pants! Can you picture this skinny guy in boxers running about to Tornado sirens while having a sleeping bag slung over his shoulder with a fat cat buried at the bottom of it? LOL. It would have been a sight!

When I think of all the 'adventures' that fat cat has had to endure these last few months, it makes me think that he is a helluvah trooper.

Once he was in the bag he called down and went to sleep. Of course, I had to stay up a bit longer to push my hand out to make sure the tent didn't flex to a point of failure. I'm surprised how well it held up. At one point I thought a pole snapped but instead it turned out to be the sound of hail hitting the rain fly.

Not bad for an evening camping. :) I've yet to pass up an opportunity to lay down and listen to the rain beating down over me.

Other notes : I've been playing with the GoPro camera. Have a look at the differences in video clarity.

#34 GoPro 3 - Messing Around


  1. Can you picture this skinny guy in boxers running about to Tornado sirens while having a sleeping bag slung over his shoulder with a fat cat buried at the bottom of it?

    If it happens, I hope they get it on CNN ;-)

    The GoPro video is fantastic! Kiki looks very happy, but I couldn't quite figure out if he was nibbling on rocks or dandelions.

    1. ;) So long as Cantrel from the weather channel doesnt show up (otherwise we know it is going to be horrible weather!).

      Kiki is a closet Cow. He loves to go outside, get a bit of sun, and graze the sweet grasses. Then proceeds to hack. It's a process he enjoys fondly.

  2. Love it! Does Kiki ever run from you? If one of my cats was outside for even a moment, I'm sure they'd run and then i'd be chasing them and, well, me chasing a cat around the yard in my tighty whities and THAT would a sight (not) to see.

    I like that he wanted to get in the bag with you, Sydney, my oldest kitty, gets under the covers in a storm. It's nice that they want to be with us, they trust us to protect them. I think that's pretty cool.

    Those GoPro's are pretty awesome. I'm thinking of one myself.

    1. Ah the sights that could be... Kiki is pretty good. I can say "no" and he mutters then comes back. Pretty amazing seeing how he technically could simply bolt. I wouldnt be able to stop him. One of the reasons i enjoy cats is that when they do bother to grace your presence, it is like the have extended themselves out to you. Lol.

    2. You would like the camera. I'm looking into getting a wireless lapel mic for it. Less wind noises and better sound clarity.