Monday, May 27, 2013

I have a room all to myself, it is nature - Thoreau

Cat-face and myself have been free since Saturday afternoon!

Turns out that Boss-man did not even notice that I had a cat with me in the airplane. There were nine returning planes this year all at once. He was far too busy to notice. Plus he had to leave early to drive a few people to the airport.

Fine by me. ;)

I was a bit worried in the morning that with the three hour flight from Bowling Green, OH to Batavia, NY that I was not going to get a rental car prior to them closing by noon. Luckily I made it just in time. Ended up driving some good friends around to either the airport, the train station, or even one came with me to Ann Arbor, MI. Then his friend drove him the rest of the way to Muskegon.

It has been very strange here for me. That is. It feels alien and familiar all at the same time. I'm homeless now. The only reason to be in Michigan (aside from friends) is to empty out the storage unit and proceed back on the road.

At the moment I am internetting at Panera. Passing time. I have to wait until Tuesday to return this rental car due to the holiday. From there it is either a Truck rental or Uhaul for the 1500 miles to Colorado.

So far I've made it back just in time to attend a very nice birthday party last evening. See a number of friends.

When I arrived on Saturday, it was around 8pm. So, by the time I had everything hashed out it was near midnight and the cat and I found ourselves searching around for a campsite. There is a rather large one just west of Ann Arbor. The waterloo recreational area.  We drove around for a bit looking for camp spaces... Finally found an office. Guy comes out to inform us that they are full.

Well, damn.

We figured we would drive back towards the city and overnight at Walmart, however, along the way I noticed a rest stop.  Score! The cat needed to be moved to a larger carrier. He was angry and peeved at being cooped in the cloth carrier. Around midnight he was reaching his breaking point and just wanted out. I don't blame him.

He was heaps better when he could sit up and move about in the kennel. I would prefer to setup the tent for him but at the moment had no options for it.

Slept fairly well at the Rest stop. When I awoke. I noticed that they have this huge solar array! Something on order of 68 individual panels. It was a nice sight.

Mr. Pickles was all sorts of happy last evening when I got the opportunity to set up the tent on the balcony of a friend in Ypsilanti. When I returned from the birthday party, Pickles and I slept over there. He was so content to roam around free inside an apartment again!

I think he misses walking on carpet? :)

Well, aside from doing laundry and having a few showers I believe that is about it. Tuesday this cat and cat-guy ship off for a 20 hour long road trip.

Take care everyone!

Dexter, MI - Rest Stop


  1. Those solar panels are impressive. I came across a bank of them on Harquahala Mountain in AZ, accessible (by us) only by 4WD, but serviced by guys in a helicopter. The solar panels run the entire Central Arizona Project water canal system.

    One of my favorite trips. We went up there several times until one year when the road washed out. My friend and her son hiked down the other side once. Impressive considering she was about 72 years old at the time. Of course walking down was much easier than walking up!