Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I say, Colorado bound within the week!

" Pilots,

It has become evident that we are nearing the end of the season.  From what
I can tell, Px does not seem to have any more regular projects.  They do
have a number of refly project and many of you will be involved with those
in the coming days.  Typical refly projects are planned at anywhere from 2
to 33 hours per project.  Most are on the low end of the scale (2-4 hours).

Several weeks ago Px informed us that there could be a huge project in
Montana which would be done in the Summer time (leaf-on).  We learned in the
last 24 hours that this project is not going to happen.  It is not clear to
me if Px lost the job to another company, or if the procurement was
cancelled all together.


What glorious news for me, and for this blog. Hopefully, the rain will clear, the skies will be high and we finish our few hours of cleanup work. Then a 7-8 hour flight back to NY. Drop off the plane. Grab my rental to Michigan. Empty the storage unit. Begin that 20 hour/1500 mile drive to Colorado.

I am ready. Heck, I may even get to plant something on the mountain. Im going with potatoes. ;)


  1. Awesome! Good luck with the final leg of the move and hope you'll find a great new home for you and Kiki!

    1. Thank you Kindly! Kiki and I are ready to get started on our mountain home build. He is really wanting a bit more stability lately. Little Big guy has done marvelous over the last month plus camping and flying though!

  2. Darn, I wanna go up the mountain to build a house. Too bad I'm not 50 years younger!

    Potatoes sound like a good place to start.

    1. I don't know if you need to be any younger... Surely when I finish it up we could get a blogger convention out on the mountain in front of the Tiny Cottage for sandwiches and tea. LOL. Wouldnt that be something!

    2. I'll be there! Do you know I've never been to Colorado. I've heard it's a beautiful place. Potatoes, some herbs, I hear asparagus grows well there, I bet you'll get some great stuff growing.

  3. Wow! What a shift in lifestyle! I am looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Agreed. It has been a very transitional year! Thanks for saying hello. I'm going to need to get a much better camera to document the trip/purchase/building/gardening/seasons. :)