Thursday, June 27, 2013

A night in the life of a country-man.

To the right of the tent is two bucks. To the right and down of them is Kiki.

Went dark, but there in the center is one 3-4 point buck having a stare with Mr. Pickles.

Buck staring at me when I told him to play nice or go next door to eat. Kiki keeping an 'eye' on him.

The 14 1/4 Lb cat holding his own to some 3-400lb animal. For a neutered cat, he has....

Ranch life is different than city life, eh??

Last night I came back to the Ranch. Finished the concrete pillar foundation in the morning/afternoon.

(Hooray! Only carpentry and gadgetry left to do. I can do those! )

Spent the rest of the day chasing UPS all around central Colorado. Got all my solar panels, charge controller, inverter, and lithium batteries! So, last night I return to the ranch. I'm at the car 'inspecting' my new boxes, and I notice two young 3-4 point bucks coming onto the property from behind our tent. Mr. Pickles is laying down in the scrub enjoying the night. The deer do not mind at all and proceed to eat etc.. After a while I look up and notice one buck (the other hopped the wire fence to the neighbors pasture) staring at my cat. They end up being nose to nose. Darn if that 15lb feline doesn't hold his own, poof up and growl at it. The buck staring down and opening its mouth.

I had to point at the buck (I was 50ft away by the car) and tell him that he better play nice or he has to go to another area to eat. Them's the rules buddy! He looks at me and eventually starts walking up to me. I hold my hands up and point at him. Informing him that I do not have food and still be nice or you have to go.

He abides and then eventually walks back and beyond Mr. Pickles. Eventually over to the other property to join his buddy.

What a night for the cat, eh!

Concrete footing/Pillar w/ Anchor bolt
Concrete Footing/Pillar - Bagged to cure. Simpson Tie on top.

Weeee! *Giddy- noises*

5 KWH of Lithium (LiFePo4) excellence.

Desert in Bloom. I love it!
New Uniform.


  1. Kiki is very daring, I hope he doesn't meet up with a carnivore!

    Your little house looks to that cactus! I doubt Kiki could fit into it at this point ;-) Yay for the arrival of the solar stuff!

    1. He probably would get his fat rear caught in the doorway....

  2. That's the biggest cactus I've ever seen in my life! It's the size of a house....oh wait...nevermind!

    I love Kiki, he's an awesome cat!

    So jealous of your solar, how cool is that?

    1. The solar is so cool. Enough so that i am going out to get the rest of the wood to put up the array frame just because I want to see them out of the box!

      Yes. Kiki is epic.