Thursday, July 11, 2013

A month into the thick of it.

On June 20th I took ownership of these 3 acres of mountain ranch land. At that time, I had already been digging and surveying the land. Believe it was around the 15th when the foundation piers were being augered in. The posts were raised for the solar panels around the 27th. The actual raising of most of the Tiny House (aside from the long process of concrete work) has only been around two weeks in. Guess what I think of as not accomplishing much and a slow, lazy build is moving along faster than thought. Today is Thursday, July 11th.

I am marking it down as a month (over 3 but under 4 weeks - 25 days) into the construction phase of implementing my off-grid-Low-overhead- self-reliance dream.

There is only a handful of photos I want to put up today. However. I can say that since a month ago, the foundation has been augered, poured, set (Now a month later its cured to its 5000psi rating), the majority of the main structures beams are standing. (Raised alone) The floor joists are all in, the lumber now resides 2 feet off the ground on the zero mark of my floor.

I am able to stand in the cobbled new frame and peer out to my eventual view. It is easy to get a calming sense of what will be the end result.

The last two days I have been taking a break from the Tiny House. The weather has really been burning me on both ends....

I find myself in a position at times where I do not want to continue. Happy to just sit under the tarp on top of the pile of lumber and veg.

However, I also am fully aware that if I do not finish, I may end up becoming broke, and 'homeless'. Permanently reduced to fully living in the tent with Mr. Pickles.


You can imagine that there is quite a good push behind me to carry on, regardless of my 2lb hammer sore arm, the full work out of my body lifting half it's weight in either lumber or Photo-voltaics.

This is our current life.

You know? On days when it does all sink in. Come together. Or any other view point of it all. I can really see the big picture. The fact that while I feel that I am going at a very slow pace. I am continuing to move forward one day at a time.

The other day, Larry, this carpenter whom stopped his truck on the side of the road to talk to me about solar panels, mentioned that I was doing a good job with my construction technique so far.

Not bad for a guy whom learned everything by trial and error, plus Youtube.

I'll get it done. Plus, I think it may be very quick indeed. I just may have the opportunity after two full months in to sit on the couch, watching TV, boiling a kettle of tea, and realize that through all the grunt work. It wasn't a difficult accomplishment at all, but a very life fulfilling one.

Edited Note : I saw across the way, on the adjacent property, two horses by the fence looking at me. Walked over and pet two nice horses. I think they were bummed out that I didn't have carrots. If I recall correctly, it has been over 20 years since I've done so. Next time I'll have carrots on hand. :)

Chisel and 2lb hammer fun

Notching Posts so they can take the weight of the structure.

One 2x10 floor joist notched. Eventually became a double laminated board

The big Blue beautiful Picture.

Half Solar Array - Currently playing Electrician


  1. You are amazing. Seriously, doing this mostly alone, learning as you go, designing it yourself, I'm thinking you are a pretty special person. Excellent job!!

    Side note, not sure if you've named your place yet (certainly no hurry) but you said something your post that made me stop and think. Under one of your pictures, you put the big blue beautiful picture...I thought about using that in a name. Big Blue Ranch. The Big Blue Farm. Big Blue. Skylands Blue? Blue Dreams Ranch.

    Just throwing some things out there.

    So happy for you.

  2. I can just echo 1st. Man, as I do so often. I'm so very proud of you!

  3. Look at you go! I love the progress but also love that you are taking breaks and enjoying the view, talking to the neighbor horses, and visiting with locals that stop by. Mental progression.

  4. @Ray, Hmm, you are onto something. Big Blue Cloud Ranch... :) Thank you kindly!

    @ Carol, Aww. It is nice to feel appreciated. (Sometimes I just do not feel it from the cat...)

    @ Muse, LOL. Right. Yesterday I purchased some grapes to eat. Walked to the fence to see if they wanted some. They remained way out in the field. After the first meeting of no food, perhaps it will take some warming up before they bother to come again? ;-)

    1. @ Ray (Again) Sometimes I do feel rather 'special'. That is mainly when what im attempting to do doesn't quite work out.... and I am left pondering it over for a few hours. LOL