Thursday, September 19, 2013

Third Day at it.

Tiny House Build. View of Utility Trailer base, 12 foot tall walls and the ridgebeam up. All Four walls complete.
Updated Homestead View. (L to R : Viewpoint is NE) Solar Array, Entertaining Deck Build, REI Tent, Tiny House Build.

Ridgebeam Sky view. World passing me by.

Four walls : 12ftx14ftx(14ft tall) - View of Ridgebeam.

A view from afar. Door Way. Uncut windows placed on either side. (To be 2x4' tall - Double Hung)


  1. Holy Crap! You are amazing!! How exciting to 'be here' from the beginning. I'm glad you and Kiki will soon have a safe, warm place to sleep this Winter!

  2. the structure between the house and the solar panels going to be a shed? Wasn't that originally going to be the house? Is your wee house going to have indoor plumbing? A sleeping loft? I want details! :-)

    1. That structure was originally going to be, yes. A 12 1/2 by 8 1/2ft great room and a 6x4 bathroom. With a loft. Instead it will have a storage shed in the 6x4 section and the 12x8 will be a deck with a table, chairs etc. For tea, coffee, booze drinking and chatting.

      THe new place is bigger. 12x14. It will have a kitchen, pantry, shower, powder room, a full bedroom upstairs big enough for a king size bed. Over the door will be a large soffet/shelf to put totes on for storage.

      It will have plumbing. Eventually I'll purchase a small on demand water heater/propane. A low flow shower head.

      Neighbor found a huge aluminum water tank. Normally you'd use a 12v pump like RVs do for water pressure, however, this tank is neat in the fact you can use a compressor to fill it with pressure and then it would supply enough to run the water heater/shower.

      As for the kitchen, I will eventually have granite tops. Im not going to install a stove. I want to purchase a portable induction range to sit on top. :)

      By the door, for heat in winter will be a sheep herders/cabin small fireplace.

      Over the door will be this neat stain glass window out of this 70s travel trailer.

      Hmm, more details as It progresses, Carol!

    2. That is the exact size of my garden shed! I'll be sitting on pins and needles, waiting to see it all take shape! Of course, before we bought our AZ property, I spent six months of the year living in an 8'x32' motor home, so I'm used to making the most of small spaces. I was watching something on HGTV where the guy had a shower sized tub/shower. Difficult to get in and out of, but nice for soaking those aching muscles after a day of hard gardening!

    3. That must be one nice shed... does it have an hd tv?

  3. So very exciting. I love how your neighbors have pitched in to help.

    1. It is a blessing to have some community around. Makes one feel less alienated, regardless of level of self-sufficiency.