Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Modified - Suit jackets for the skinny guy.

Looking for clean pants in a bag of clothing... Found a Marks and Spencer - Ultra slim suit jacket did not know I had. Good times!

Another Cloudy day in Colorado. :/

What my poor neighbor has to deal with. A neighborly view.

The creek 'willow' isn't the property line. On paper it is to the right of them. Actual usage is to the left.

North West Viewing. I am a horrible neighbor, with a non-maintained and cluttered lot! Tsk.

The mountain-hill view makes for nice photos.
Hilarious - The County Website has updated the Photo for the Parcel. I think they got all the basics in there!


  1. Ultra slim suit jacket....sigh...I haven't seen ultra slim in, um, hmm, uh...a long...ok never! You are working it, nice look!

    You know, if you painted your house the color of that sky, from far away it would like like a hole in the Earth!

    Great pics!

    1. LOL. Thank you! That would be an interesting picture. However, it is only because I like the color so much and dislike beige intensely that I've moved beyond my non-enjoyment of mass painting. ;)

  2. Cloud, Looks like you are ready for a date. You need to relax some after all the hard work. Like 1st I was that size --- Never. I was 220 in high school and have moved much beyound that now. Sitting at a computer all day and having a wife that is a great cook can be a bad combination but a lot of fun. Not to mention being well on the back side of that age hill. Hit the town and have some fun. Soon spring will be here and you will be digging in the dirt.

    1. :-) I wouldn't deny accepting a date. The more the house comes into being, the less of my mind is encased in it, the more I branch out to thinking of filling the place with nice people. :)