Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This is a story about the Cat.

This is the Cat. Most of the time I am grateful that he is around. Have been for over ten years. Sometimes, though, he is aggravating....

A few days ago, on the 14th, the cat and I were enjoying the outside world up on our mountain. Normally we go for walks around the area. He is a pretty decent cat. Follows me about. Listens. Shows affection on occasion. You know. Pretty decent cat material. Much like your best mate that really isn't keen in all your hobbies and interests, but joins you nonetheless.

If I recall correct, it actually was snowing a bit. Very light flurries.

I had gone outside for two reasons. One was to use the restroom (Inside a camping shower tent surrounded by creek willows). The other was to fill up the wheelbarrow with those dried branches that are piled up in the dry creek bed.

The idea being to burn the free wood, the other to fire mitigate, and clean up the property for eventual permaculture designs.

Mr. Pickles will often walk from the House to the Restroom to meet me once I open up the flap. This time was just the same.

Pet the cat.

Head over to the creek to haul up branches. Snap them in 1.5ft lengths for the fireplace. Pile them by size into the wheelbarrow.

All exciting stuff here.

Decide it is funny to chase the cat all the way to the house. Gee... he runs quick.

LOL ;-). He runs up the steps and stares up at the front door. Nope. This time he has to wait because In my haste, I didn't break down all the firewood to what I need just yet. Kiki decides he was going to walk down the stairs and head off to the side of the house.

At the moment the place lacks skirting. Meaning the cat is free to hide under the house. Not good. Reason being is that when he is out and about, he will listen. When he is under the house all bets are off.

On the 14th I called for him to come inside and he was a no show. I prodded around under the house with a long stick to (gently) entice him to surface. Nope.

So I went inside and ate food. Heated up the place. Called for the cat again. Nothing. Watched a movie. Decided to got to bed at midnight. Called the cat. Nothing. Walked around my property and the neighbors. Looked into the neighbors run down barns. Nothing.

Thoroughly pissed. I mean upset. Cat not listening. I went to bed. This is the first time he has stayed outside while I've been with him. It was below freezing. Mid to high 20s.

I woke up at 6am. Called. Nothing.

At noon, I finally go back outside to collect more wood. Normal day living stuff. Figuring that I am now a lonely man in the mountains without even a house cat.



Before going inside, I call again. This time he runs to the house from the creek where the Bathroom Tent is. 

Inside to eat. Proceeds to spend the day sleeping. It is now the 16th. The cat seems to be much more at peace with himself. He is affectionate. Currently lacking any desire to go outside.

Hopefully that got it out of his system! One miserable-hellish-cold evening of strange noises and things that literally will eat him.

Next on the agenda is to skirt the house so he has not a place to hide. Making him more apt to listen when I tell him, 'Inside Cat!'.




  1. I think you just found out who actually wears the pants in your family. I mean really, has he fixed you a meal lately? Has he ever made your bed? Given you fresh water to drink? I thought not. Yep, Kiki's the boss.

    1. Granny nailed it on the head. Kiki and his pet human, LOL.

  2. Reminds me of a couple of those old cat phrases.

    "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff."


    "Dogs come when called, Cats will take a message and get back to you."

  3. Well said 1st. Cloud I know it scares you a bit when you can not find a friend even if they are being an A-- about it. Glad Kiki is back and safe. You both stay warm and safe.

    1. Spoken well yourself, Frank. Approaching 63F inside whilst 33 outside. I'm fairing well these days. ;-)

  4. So many interesting posts to catch up on. Having lost a few cats before, I was worried at first! Relieved second. Love your window and your stove. But when are you putting up insulation?!?!?!?

    1. Was worried quite a bit myself. :) Thank you. I am really trying to make much more enjoyable reading. That is ; At least something worth reading. *lol*

      My neighbor, Judy (Lives behind me across the creek), is going to take me down to the springs to get insulation tomorrow actually. So. I'd imagine that means I'll have to put it up soon enough?

      Right now with most of the major gaps sealed it warms up nicely. Purchased an indoor/outdoor thermometer this afternoon.

      So far, (I am taking it slow to heat up because I am curing the 'chimney' seam sealer goop) inside is 62F while outside it is dropping to 33F.

      Not bad for a lack of insulation.

    2. Not bad for a lack of insulation at all! Also relieved that your just posted about the insulation. Good for you for taking time to cure to chimney goop. Does your stove contain any cast iron (I don't recall). You probably already know that needs a few breaking in fires as well.

    3. The stove is stainless steel. No iron. :)