Friday, January 31, 2014

A microscope on my snowy life.

7 inches. That seems about right.
Snow finally stopped !!

That gorgeous granite mountain behind me.

Blue Sky commeth!

Bout time you showed up!

Now get to work! Charge my batteries.

Foot deep walk path to the wood pile.

This is what my snowy life looks like.

There's the CAT!! Please note : He won't come out.


  1. That is just absolutely beautiful. I'm always amazed how ugly snow can be at times and how stunning it can be other times. You've got the stunning part for sure. Stay warm!

    1. It does look heaps better buried in snow than the lifeless brown and tan. Im all for either lush greenery or complete snow.

  2. Well, I have finally decided after several posts that you still are alive! I had doubts there for a LONG while. But now you are back to blogging and I am back to reading your blogs. So pleased to see your photos and to know that you are really OK in your house. Keep the pics and blogs coming