Saturday, August 30, 2014

PROJECT - Updated : Additional Pictures

Project - Paint some shit !

Updated: 4pm. Painted some stuff until it started the sprinkle. Then I got scared. Ran back inside. Then It stopped sprinkling having seen victory in chasing me off.


Under Roof. Rim Joist. Testing look of trim area.

With Installed Loft Ladder indoors: I have a ladder to work!


  1. Very nice...butttt shouldn't a stay at home gardener have something growing, besides the kittie, that is :).

    1. Call me out, why don't you! :) I am working towards it again. You will have to forgive me for working on a home first, then food. ;)

      I have been growing some indoor non-edible plants and there are plenty of flowers outside. Next spring is going to be a big jump into food growing. Hoop houses and how to get it to work at 8500FT.

      For now... it's just about my travels and working to get my little piece going. A bit more to all this off-grid stuff than just growing some veg.


  2. Indeed there is more to off grid *stuff* than just growing veggies.. every time I stop by here I see something else you're doing that I should try to add to my own do-due list. But no, not calling ya out, just changing up my hints about blue needing window boxes LOL.

    1. ;-) That would be cute. At the moment, Blue, has sunflowers in a pot in front of it by the stairs.