Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fences and fingers.

:) Hello everyone !

You all recall how my original build was supposed to be on concrete piers. Time passed by and it was switched to wheels. Not because the first was illegal. It was a permit exempt built structure after all. It was personal aggravation at the over-the-line county man.

In the original design, I had 6x6 rough sawn timber posts that were notched to accept 2x8 boards that would wrap around the inside of the structure as a focal point. Now that I have switched to converting the building into a gazebo, there remains a number of 8 foot posts and 2x8 cedar boards.

For months, I have pondered what to do with them. A local across the way wanted to trade me for them. Over the year, however, I have grown attached to my lumber. So, reluctant as I was... I kept them.

Today, the wind blew, and inspiration wafted through the air. I decided to build a fence! A year ago, in quickness to keep out the county and any other nosy people, I used metal posts and wire. Much the same as everyone around me uses. (Fencing multiple acres gets rather costly to build something beautiful)

" Had some rough sawn 6x6 cedar posts left over from when I decided to change my original building into a gazebo. Working on building a nice fence for the property entrance. "

" Holes are dug. Just have to saw the tops at an angle to shed water. Plum and square them to each other. Get the heights in line. Then attach the rough sawn 2x8 cedar boards I have at about 4ft level. Then add the electric wire to keep the trespassers out ! "

Tomorrow will be squaring them to each other, plumb, and attaching the 8ft lengths of 2x8 cedar board at 3-4ft height to create an actual fence.

Oh, and I smashed my little finger. It is all better now though!

- Cloud

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