Friday, November 14, 2014

Wintry Updates.

Heart beating, warm, and surviving. Life is certainly on the up-swing, folks! In the last 6 weeks, I have managed to find a new, loving relationship, purchased a mountain 4x4 truck, and even start a part time job for coffee money. (Plus a few bucks to finish cabin, check out the city on occasion, also eventually start that boat!)

Hopefully all of you are prepared for a nice winter season. What have you managed to accomplish lately? Have you attained your yearly goals and ready for a new year of additional ones? :) I am curious whether you all set goals for yourself each year to gauge what direction you are moving towards.

- Cloud

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  1. Things are certainly looking up for you especially now that you may have found a mountain woman!

    Thankfully here in Florida winter is no big deal and it doesn't stop any outdoor activities, just a little chilly at times. Right now I have a list that has 32 items on it of household things that need fixing, adjusting or touching up, seems like it's never finished. I'm also prepping my garden space for a late winter planting.

    The big thing I'm up to is I've made up my mind to dump a lot of weight but not through a diet, those are miserable and too difficult. I've decided to research nutrition and eat healthy by avoiding GMO and farm factory raised meats but instead eat 'organic' meats and fresh veggies etc. Avoid all low fat, low cal, diet this and diet that foods. The thing that will make it all work is 'portion control'. I'm just getting started with it and so far lost 11 lbs. so it's working. I haven't decided if I'm going to publish what I'm eating on my blog, we'll see.

    The only goal I have is I want to get good at surf fishing and catch all the fish that I intend to eat. The beach is only two miles from my house so it's not like I have to drive any distance, I could ride my bike there, just need to finish my to do list then I'm off!

    Hope you two have a reasonable winter. Stay warm!

    1. Surf Fishing? Such as casting a line off the pier?

    2. Congrats on the 11lbs! My buddy uses an app on his phone to input everything he eats in order to keep tabs with daily calorie amounts. It has helped him by seeing the actual numbers. Rather than an actual diet.