Wednesday, April 22, 2015

200th Post. Where I have been. What I am up to. Video updates!


I've been dead a while on Blogger. My mind has been racing elsewhere. Taking care of various projects here in our 8500FT mountains. Transitioning to Spring. (Although the weather goes back and forth between it and winter) Today we even got some small hail?

Anyhoot. I've been working more at creating Youtube videos to document the progression of living Off-Grid. To pair up better with that I have created a Facebook page as well.

I believe that will allow me to interact easier with people as well as post photos and commentary between video updates. :-) 

As far as resuming blogger... I am not sure whether I will simply remove it or retain it as another platform to interact with such great and interesting people.

On the chance that a few of you have missed the Youtube channel,, below are a couple video links to recent happenings! #61 is a video about the start of the 2015 Garden season here at 8500FT/2560m in the mountains of Colorado. While #60 is a video flashback to when I first installed Solar electricity in 2013 and the journey started. :)

#60 - Beginnings of Solar

#61 - Changes (Gardening)

PS. In the upcoming #62 video I will be showing off the build of a Garden Shed that Samantha and I have been working on.
Garden Shed inspiration from Pinterest
Raising Walls.
Hanging about.
Coming along nicely, me thinks.


  1. I loved seeing so much of Mr. P! Good to see you in the garden again too. Great garden shed too.

  2. Thanks for the update. I'll be following on both FB and Youtube.

  3. Did not know about you on FB, have been looking each week to see if you would post. So many have dropped out one way or the other. Please keep posting here as well. I love to check on the blog. Don't forget you were going to introduce your lady to the blog.