Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Added another two hours of work time yesterday, bringing it up to 25 hours put in so far. Today has been snowing pretty well. Its my hope that it abades for a while so I can carry on. I would hate to have to stop and wait til the very end in spring to finish when everything else is left to do....

Happy to finally work out the numbers on the wood raised bed edge costs. Guess what, not going to go broke! Not a bad start for something sustainable. The whole idea was for it to be built out of essentially nothing. Suppose one could just double dig the front yard much the same as the back and just use the higher bed dirt without borders at all. That is how the back yard with the corn, wheat, and potatoes will be after all. However, I think the front yard should be a bit more neighbor friendly right off the bat, slowly work them into the whole idea, although according to our local city ordinances, we are well within limits to have at it. It is still probably a good idea to retain curb appeal. We wouldn't want to wake up to a garden killed off by some mysterious herbicide. I read an article online about a woman going through a battle with her local city code official only to find it was 'taken cared of' all by itself when she woke up one morning to find some 'helpful' individual had taken the time to spray her garden for her. *scowl


  1. I think having boxes in front is a neighborly thing to do. We haven't boxed our beds in the back, but if we ever used the front for gardening we probably would do that too.

  2. Agreed. Seems to make everyone friendly and open to the idea. I have to add that your recent posting is correct. I would be somewhat withdrawn to myself most of the time, not much to say to random passing neighbors, however, when you are spending hours on end (days on end) tilling "out in the open" you have no option but to be sociable and answer questions. It's pretty nice actually. People are quite interested in what is going on in their community.