Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lumber! (cough, and some screws)

43@10ft : 4@12ft : Raised Borders : Dec 28 2011
Some mental calculations, rough sketches, jump into the deep, and poof off to the lumber store we go! 43@10feet and 4@12feet. Two trips. Two people and 25 boards shoved into a 98 Civic. I found it humorous that we had so much utility out of the little civic while at a stop light a man with one of those very short bed truck/suv types wouldn't be able to haul the same. The lack of being able to fold down the seats and slide the boards along the bed and seats. Hooray for us. Now there's something for me to do while it snows outside! Productive days are back. :)

PS *Perfectly accepting of untreated inexpensive wood rails that will last a few years before being replaced. Nothing is supposed to last forever now. *grin


  1. I have untreated pine boards that are six (or 7?) years old an showing no signs of rot yet! Mine sit directly on the grass and the weeds don't infiltrate except at the corners. I'd be curious to see a comparison of "on-top-of-sod" and "buried 2 inches" boards to see the difference in rot resistance and weed prevention.