Friday, December 30, 2011

Soggy - Rainy - Semi productive - Blah

I haven't been as excited with the garden the last few days. The sight of snow with the realization of not being able to do much... coupled with a thought of having a backlogged amount of work to do springtime.... *Daunting* Last night was semi productive. Built 3 "5'x10'" and 1 "2'x10'" raised bed sections. The yard is starting to show its "big picture". There is something about being outside working in the cold and rain, doing something uncommon, that really makes neighbors curious and chatty. All positive so far. Glad to have positive feed back. It's not about aggravating neighbors, simply about not aggravating myself with a useless lawn. :D

Rain melted all the snow. Tomorrow is slated to be warm (40F) and dry. Sounds like a pleasurable experience of working in semi dry/unfrozen earth again. Woot. Figured out how to mount the iPad to a tripod. Should make it a lot easier to take videos. Heck, I may actually make one with narration one of these tries.

Total : 27 Hours IN

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  1. We know how you feel. You've got to love gardening to do it. There's always something that needs to be done. We try to take it in pieces. A little here a little there and somehow it seems to all get done. No wait... There's still more to do!