Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the air tonight.

Total : 67 Hours. (No, I didn't spend two hours building two beds... I actually dug earth yesterday :) )

Whew. I actually decided to go outside and see if I could coax the dirt into submission. No dice. After ten minutes in that real feel of 2F was no longer cutting it for me. Instead, freezing my bollocks off in the garage building the last of the raised beds. Placed two more outside and called it quits.

All things considering, that is a lot of work done for a time when nothing would normally be occurring outside! Right? Right?...Er. no? *shrugs

I did get to use the electric snow blower this morning. Highlight of the day.

Another thing I like is when you spend enough time away the cat eventually starts to miss you and want to spend time around you.

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