Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing with Sketchup

Before starting this adventure I was dabbling with Google's SketchUp program. A simple, but nifty application that allows you to render 3D objects. Use it to visualize your dream home etc. It was a great tool to help my significant other 'visualize' just what level of craziness I was conspiring. Through that (and many other discussions) welcoming approval was given and I've been digging up the yard ever since.

While not entirely finished with all the renderings, namely parts of the house, several obscenely tall and foliage full trees, the remaining to be dug beds in the backyard etc, figured it would be a neat quick post to show a couple shots of the 'big picture'.

What you can see though is what I have already placed down in the front yard. The large red square is our already established 'english garden' with a japanese cherry tree we planted after the magnolia tree died. Sad day to see it go. The smaller circle is where another unknown tree is that has these tiny black berries. Wish I knew what it was. Someday.... Note the 'Fencing' I've added to the ends of the 5' by 10' raised beds. It's attached directly to the beds and not a proper/actual fence. It merely serves to demarcate where people should walk and not walk. :) Plus I think it gives a better visual from the curb to keep everyone happy. What do you think?

Unknown Tree with its unripe Berries 
English Garden


  1. I wanted to stop by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on mine. I love your plan! Excellent idea about the fencing on the ends of the beds. They're easy to figure out when stuff is growing in all it's glory, but when plants are dormant or the bed is fallow, folks and critters are likely to tread.

  2. I like the sketch up. It's a very nice visual aid. I can see how it was convincing. The fences seem like a great idea to me -deterrent that makes the yard look even better. If your garden beds end up looking as great as your English Garden, you've got nothin' to worry about!