Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seven - Updated

Total : 72 Hours

Soil and weather being frozen as it is, spent the last few days working on the trellis edging. Had no other choice than to upload another video. This squirrel I told you about that buried his loot in a bed came back for it. It isn't really all that surprising. After all, that was a gold find of various seeds. Now I am happy that  instead of removing it we opted to leave it for the little guy. No need to ruin his day. You could spend an entire day watching them through the window with their antics.

We've been trying to finish the last few beds to no avail. Pushing a temp probe into the dirt reveals 30-31F. Not too cold, however, when trying to work the bed 3/4th already done, I am unable to break up the dirt. Here's to hoping that really is not it for the season. We would love to have this done before spring planting. Plus it is in the front yard after all where it should be manicured and pretty like.

Speaking of neighbors. While spending the last few days building the trellis I have encountered a number of 'intrigued' neighbors. The misses and I believe it gives a better curb look. It facilitates a better division between out in the open for the public space and one that remains inviting but still creating a personal space. So, about those neighbors.... Yesterday I had to put down the drill. One of our neighbors driving his mini-van decided to nearly run me and the city easement tree over. Just kidding. He did make it apparent he wanted to chat so I took the initiative by putting down the tools and walked over , "Hi!". Turned out to be a nice chat about how :

  • "Isn't the ground frozen yet?, Sorry we haven't gotten around to introducing ourselves (when you moved in nearly 2 years ago). What are you up to out here, I am intrigued." 
  • Myself, "Hasn't been but certainly is now. Hopefully not for too much longer. Thats ok. I do hope its generally a good intrigued..." :)  
He shrugs and remained 'intrigued'. Told him all that we were going to plant. The extent of the trellising. Pointing out the lack of light in the backyard necessitating putting everything in the front. Not forgetting to add a good casual dose of, " The backyard doesn't get much light. After checking in with city ordinances, they say if you have turf it can not be more than a foot tall but if you do not, anything else is allowed. (Me pressing the idea that everything is done to keep it orderly, with appearance, and clean.)"

It is a collaboration between hearing their curiosity and possible concerns with something different near their homes, letting people know the extent we plan on doing everything, and showing them we have done our homework about the legalities of what we can do as homeowners on our own property. 

Through the hours spent outside, being sociable to everyone that walks by, I have not found any one that is against the idea. Some are more enthusiastic than others and that is ok by me. :)

Thaw...Thaw...Thaw (Time to see it all in its splendor with green! Muhahaha)


  1. we did something very similar to your plastic domes lat year. I think you idea will work.

  2. Enjoyed the Benny Hill-esque squirrel shots. ;)