Monday, July 2, 2012


Several days ago we pulled out most of the broccoli plants. They had done a great job of producing lovely medium size heads and numerous side shoots. The new leaves were growing in more and more wild looking. Smaller and jagged. Out of the 30 in the front there is six remaining.

I am now left wondering what to plant in its space. Also the space once held by the jumbo onions. And soon to be the potato bed. I really should dig them up, though, cautiously not wishing to because I do not think many are in there... *shrugs*

Well, Moly Holy. Turns out we grew a 6 incher! :) I feel much better now.

Broccoli on Plant
Broccoli in Vandana's Hand

Broccoli with Proving Tape Measure

A week ago we harvested a pound of golden beets. Just the beet root. Then upon going to the grocery store I noticed that you pay by the poundage and it is still attached to the greens. ERG. There goes my statistical numbers. HAH. Oh well. They are pretty though! Now to wait on the reds to fatten up. How long can you keep planting beets, anyone?

A pound of Golden Beets

One last thing : These chinese green noodle beans have finally shot up! We harvest just a handful of them. At nearly 3 feet long these things can be chopped up and make a fine side dish of buttered pan fried beans. YUM


  1. That's one very large broccoli plant! How did chinese bean taste comparing to regular green beans? I think it's interesting to plant just for visual effect :)

  2. In my zone, with frost free dates between May 1-October 15, I can plant beets through 7/25. What are you going to plant in your freed up beds? I'll soon have an entire east garden available for planting, so I'm thinking of shelling and snap peas, spinach, beets, carrots. Maybe more cabbages (maybe not). I guess I'll just kind of play it by ear and see what is still being harvested from the north garden.

  3. @ Jenny : They definitely make an effect. It took a while for them to get on but all of a sudden they want to climb up on the trellis. The other day I winded a bunch of strings from it all over the place around the carrot bed. They are enjoying going up it. The flavor is pretty good. Really thinking that there might not be a point in growing actual green beans if all I have to do is pluck a few yard long noodle beans and chop them up. :) They also come in purple as well. For those times you want to get wild and mix it up.

    @ Granny : I may just plant more beets! Actually, I probably will. The next round is the reds planted in front of the broccoli. I've been debating what to do. We only have the three okra plants so another couple square feet of it would be wonderful. Really wouldn't mind having that coming out my ears to freeze up for Bindi Masala. There is already a ton of tomato plants and the peppers are coming along now. Hmm, what do you think? What does one plant on the 4th? When does one begin planting out for the fall?

    1. Cloud, email me (my addy is in my profile) and let me know your frost dates. I have a really good chart that tells planting dates for nearly everything, I can scan it for you.

  4. Your Golden Beets are gorgeous! I'm attempting to grow a few of those this year for the first time! I hope mine look as good as yours :-)