Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cloud Sock Hands

Night 4 :

Finally got our ducks in a row. Proper temp sleeping bags. Cooking is coming along nicely. Figured out entertainment.

Who knew you could just enjoy the warmth and a chair in the KOA laundry room. It re-affirms my belief that when the power goes out, it is lighting that makes the largest difference to people and their sense of well being. Life just shuts down otherwise.

Over the last few days we have gotten back to base came a little after 4 pm. We have had to scrounge the woods for dead-dry wood. Then fire up the JetBoil to make a cup of hot PG Tips (Brit tea - No point roughing it!). Make something for dinner. Then call it a night when it gets black. Rather, spend another hour packed in a zero sleeping bag while watching a streamed episode of Dexter. Check a few emails and then off to bed.

I've been waking up at sunrise lately. Surely, not my thing but when you go to bed at 9pm there is no other choice.

Tonight we made an amazing meal of sauteed stir fry veggies in enchilada sauce over a bed of instant mash potatoes. As camping goes... this was pretty stellar eats.

Oh, we also attempted popcorn. Surprised us both at how fast it went tossing the campware pot on a bed of hot coals.

Night everyone!

Popcorn Wonder
Enchilada Veggie Stir fry over a bed of Mash


  1. Ok, now that looks yummy!!! I like reading what you are doing, what an exciting adventure. You look warm in that first picture. Stay that way!

    1. :) Thanks for riding along. Tonight is incredibly warm! It is 43F. The next few days are above freezing. What a cake-walk it will be. lol

  2. I love this, I LOVE THIS! This is exactly the way I would have done it back in the day. In fact I lived in a tipi one winter in the Ozarks. Nothing like a good sleeping bag to keep you warm. In the end, you'll have an amazing experience, a good adventure, an amazing savings in expenses, and all for an excellent cause.