Saturday, December 1, 2012

Base Camp One

Yesterday was an interesting one....

A daily project for work happens at the end of each work day. We have to submit a daily report of activities broken down various ways. Of course to do this we have to have WiFi. Base Camp One at the KOA does have rudimentary wireless. It works. However, we often choose Starbucks to charge all of our electronics (cells, macbooks, ipads etc) and do the reports.

Here is where the fun stuff happens. I was sitting there with my co-worker when an older gentleman approaches me. He was having issues with his Ipad and a purchase of month-to-month ATT cellular internet plan. I was completely at a loss for how to help out so I searched for a support number. Turns out, however, that due to him being Vietnamese, the next hour involved me being a good samaritan by holding on the line for customer support. It wasn't even my iPad. I was growing upset at ATT. HAH!

We relocated from Washington, PA this afternoon to Beaver, PA. Now instead of living in a KOA we are staying in a State Park. It's really nice. We no longer have access to hot showers but the area is nicer. My co-worker assures me that truck stops have hot showers available.

Another few days and this 'homeless' free living (to fiscally bring the means for permanent housing security) will become second nature. So far it is actually really nice. I am enjoying the air and freedom. It is great practice for when I'm on the eventual acre living in a tent with the cat, building the tiny house. ;)


Base Camp - One : Washington, PA (KOA)
Base Camp - One Washington, PA (KOA)


  1. You are crazy! Your in my neck of the woods now, and while this week was not so bad, the last week I was breaking 1/2 inch of ice off the shalow livestock water in the AM. You had to be freezing come morning! I admire your drive to get what you want, but if it were me (a wimp with the cold and MUST have a hot shower) I would buy a cheap little camping trailer with a furnace and bathroom and see if I could park it where you work - free. Plus when you move to your property you still have a livable structure while you build your home. I am cold and miserable just reading this ;) Good luck its getting cold again by next weekend.

    1. :D Thanks Jane. We are camping at the Raccoon State Park. Tonight will make day 7 camping. I remember those 21F mornings a few days ago well. ;)

      The KOA we stayed at in Washington had hot showers and even a laundry facility. It was a nice transition to full on camping.

      The camper trailer is a great idea, however, we relocate often and are the person flying the airplane. Who would be left to move the trailer? All logistics.