Friday, December 7, 2012

Camp Head

Day 12 :

Woke up last night/early morning (Day 11) at 2:30am. Grown used to lows in the 30s and mid 20s. The low in the 40s last night made me wake up sweating. Had to remove most layers before near certain spontaneous combustion. :)

No flying today, again. Tomorrow isn't looking promising either. No worries, though. I am in it for the end goal and not the flight hours. I have enough of those. Would be nice to get the email telling us we are relocating further south. Texas is one of those states that we do every year. Typically spending most of the winter season down there. It would be nice for camping. The only drawback this far north is its miserable trying to do anything after dark at Base Camp when it is so cold.

Interesting thing for the day : $10 Dollar shower at the Pilot Travel Center. Base Camp Two lacks showers. Just port-a-johns. It surprises me how people are weird about compost toilets and yet accepting of port-a-johns. YICK. Open festering bacteria grounds.... People are weird. I'm weird. Just in a different sort.

Rocking morning Camp Head
Happy Day at the Office!
I see you. Doing Stuff.

Fancy Pilot Center Shower!


  1. Yer so cute ;-)

    $10 for a shower? Wow. I guess one gets to the point where they'd pay that. I once hauled the kids' little plastic swimming pool into our old camper, then made them bring me buckets of rather muddy river water that was warmed on the propane stove and used to give me a bath. It felt absolutely wonderful. The boys and the husband just bathed in the cold river. Not for me!

    1. Very crafty, Gran! $10 for a shower is steep. Certainly. Not many other options however. There isn't a KOA up this way as there was in Washington, PA. Also, splitting a hotel three-ways still makes the daily 'housing' column well more than the $6 we are currently paying. :)

      I have to pay for that acre somehow!

  2. I agree, 10$?! I am surprised that airports do not have a shower facility for pilots since I am sure some would love to freshen up during layovers. Here I was thinking this warm weather was helping you out. Well if your still here by tuesday, back to snow showers ;) I was also thinking that if you get off on Racetrack road on 79 south there is a casino right there. I know..a casino.. but it would be free, open 24 hours, warm, and has flushing toilets and running water.

    1. Some small airports do have then. However, Beaver County does not. We have another week of work to do. That is... if we had the weather to fly it. I am suspecting that Boss-man will eventually realize to send us south for winter.

      Still impressed with our solitary tents. Last night was incredible rains. You could barely hear anything other than the pounding down of rain against the tent. The ground around them was completely saturated and yet very little water vapor was making through the bottom of the tent. Most of it being condensation from breathing. If I can manage to cut back on that, should be dry as a bone.