Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Minimalist Living

Night 17 :

Purchased an Osprey 44 liter Talon backpack at REI. Fast becoming a Backpacker. Living off the land should be comfortable after these 6 months on the road. No more shall I encounter the fear of being homeless. Rather, no longer shall I be in fear of the lack of a place to go. The world really does provide if you just open your mind to think about what it is providing you. 

So far we have encountered a max low of 21F and a maximum of 'OMG' heavy rain. Still dry, warm, and fat happy ( Well, a skinny dude's version of it). Side note : I've noticed that I do not have to blow my nose at all these last few weeks due to all the abundant 'fresh' air.

Found another really cool camping/tiny house gadget online the other day. It is called a Biolite. Basically it is a rocket stove that has an internal thermo-electric converter. It converts the efficient, smokeless, wood fire's heat into electricity to power its internal fan and something external via USB. Quite a snazzy way to have a fire with forest twigs and electricity past sundown (Solar Photovoltaic)

Biolite Stove Website

Camping in Luxury!

Tent 41
Pad 16
MSR Pots 23.3
Utensils 1.3
0FSleeping Bag     57
Solar Light 27.3
Talon Backpack 38

Total Pack Size Minus Clothing ( ;) ) = 12lbs 11.9oz.

Not I, but could be, in early summer out looking for the perfect 'ACRE'


  1. thats a pretty light load. love the biolight, how ingenious. Shall look into it for our next camping trip up north.

    1. :), I will probably purchase it right after the holiday.