Saturday, December 15, 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

Finally relocated out of Pennsylvania this morning. It only took 3 weeks of winter-esque weather to do it. Now we are mapping Chesapeake. Found a nice new free campsite. Even the FBO at the airport has a free shower. *grin* When you factor in the courtesy vehicle (2 hour use) we may actually only need to pay for food. Well... not exactly. Being so near Virginia Beach... we will most likely rent a car for the weekend (three days at $38 total - Enterprise divided up with four pilots.) and catch some sand.

Not bad. Some times you just have to enjoy the easy life. :)

Base Camp - Three : Virginia


  1. sounds like fun! I used to be young and adventurous, too. *Sigh*

    1. You can live vicariously through me! I don't mind at all. More the merrier. :)

  2. I was once young and adventurous too. Got me into trouble on more than one occasion, but I remember those days well. Count me in on the vicariousness (is that even a word? LOL).

  3. Free campsite and free shower. Great combination!

  4. An impressive combination in my book. The other day I merely had $6.48 ifor daily expenditures. Was very content with it. ;)