Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wanderings. Toe Shoes?

Where is Waldo?

Camp Night - 46 : Ashland, KY.

Four nights ago we were staying at the Jet Center FBO in Lexington, KY. Movie theatre room. Gym. Hot showers. Even sleeper cubicles. I have to confess. I used it both nights. Guess it was 'camp' cheating. Though since I have returned to my loving Eureeka Solitaire.

For the last two nights we have been living at the Ashland Regional Airport. They allowed us to pitch our single-man tents on the grass behind the hangar. Yesterday, one of the airport board members felt bad for us and allowed us access to the terminal building after hours.

Yesterday a gentleman came in talking about squatters. (One night after we camped) I thought he was referencing my co-worker and I so raised my hand. We weren't it. The guy was rather adamant about informing those at the airport about it. Photos and the whole bang. Made me think about squatters, squatting, homelessness, not having a place to be, down-and-out, compassion, etc.

Most of you are land owners here. I fully respect your rights to your own piece of serenity. It did make me ponder over how we ought to take a step back and look for the compassion in the situation prior to feeling like we are being mistreated. (Imagining finding squatters on your own sanctuary brings about feelings of theft)

This season has made me reflect inwardly a lot. Part of the process of setting myself up for that house building this summer. Finding my inner rock, whatnot.

When we were out in Virginia Beach, VA around the holidays I was confronted with homelessness. A nice gentleman had shouted out to me as we walked by along the boardwalk. "I like your scarf!" I replied, "Thank you. Happy Holidays."

A reflection because while knowing we are equal regardless of socio-economic levels, I was somewhat weirded out with what to say. Years ago I was quite shy and over the years I have worked upon becoming more outward.

At the basics of humanity, those around you do not necessarily 'need' any help. They have found shelter, food, safety. What they desire is to be part of humanity. To be acknowledged and conversed with. Sometimes it is just a simple hello or if you can manage it, ask them to tell you a story of their travels. What a hoot that would be. :)

Weeks ago I purchased a pair of Vibram Five Finger Shoes. Have you seen these before? I find people hold strong beliefs concerning toe shoes. LOL. After a few weeks of wearing them daily, my walking is softer, while my legs are firmer, feet more muscled.

Vibram Five Fingers - Bikila LS
Lexington, KY - Not a Dirtball Yet!


  1. Those are funny looking shoes, LOL! I've seen toe socks before, but never toe shoes. Glad to hear they seem to be giving your feet more strength. I don't think I'd be limber enough to get my toes into the proper toe holes! When I try to spread my toes, my big toe wants to point up toward the sky :-0

    1. PS: Your walking isn't the only thing that's softer. I think your entire nature is now softer and gentler.

    2. Your big toe must have been an aviatrix in its last life. You know, I feel much more at ease and gentle with life. Nice to see it comes across. :)