Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas - Day 30

Not much to report. Spending the holiday at the beach. Had a nice lunch at the Hilton cafe. On the walk back up the beach, my friend and I witnessed a traditional knee down marriage proposal. Im guessing it was a 'yes' with the ensuing hugs embrace and kissing.

Over and Out.


  1. Merry Christmas!! Holiday at the beach? Sounds great! Hope you stay warm (we're going to be dipping into the upper 20's here) and i hope 2013 is an awesome year for you!! Merry Christmas again!!!

  2. Twenties in Texas. Hmm, thats an interesting thought. :)

  3. Just getting caught up on your posts. Sounds as though you are faring quite well. :)

    1. Doing quite fair! Hot showers, theatre rooms, and free java at the hoity toity airport jet center.