Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Folks!

Best wishes from a man and his cat. Now all of you go out and plant something because I cannot!! :) Wait, that might be a little vicarious selfish. Go plant something for yourselves!


- Cloud


  1. Happy Easter back at you and Kiki, and I did! I planted my broccoli and cabbage seedlings this morning, as our weather has shot up into the low 70s this week, and expected to stay that way until Thursday. I've spent half the day standing in the middle of my garden, just planning on what will go where. Rake and hoe in hand, of course, so I can do something constructive while I daydream. I'll name one of those broccoli plants "Cloud", in your honor. Not sure Kiki would be impressed to have a cabbage named after him, LOL!