Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 3rd.

It's Official. The cat and I are fully on the road together. Yesterday, as in April 3rd, we flew down from Bryan, OH to Louisville, KY. This super cat just went to sleep in his soft carrier.

The FBO here turned out to be quite accommodating. Earlier in the season we had a few pilots based here and it has been a concern about whether I was going to be able to 'Camp'. Last night the owner allowed myself to just sleep in the building. You should have seen how big the cats eyes were trying to walk around the place. Of course, while I was asleep I have to place him in a larger metal Dog kennel. Wouldn't want to over stay our welcome with pet spots all over the place.

Woke up earlier this morning to ask again about just setting up the tent. Kiki/Mr.Pickles needs it in order to have his litter box and everything setup while Im off jetsetting, cough, I mean aerial mapping for the afternoon. We got the A-OK for placing it in the hangar right behind the King Air. Not bad.

I suspect after the season is over, he will become a much more developed personality through having to cope with all the travel, noises, and people.


ps. It gives incentive to make the landings nicer. Our first landing together was so soft. I felt like I was a real pilot.... this time.

Enroute - 0G6 to KLOU

Home behind the King Air

Cat napping till landing.


  1. Oh, I'm so happy to hear he seems to be adapting to the wild life! He's probably ecstatic just being with you now. Like "Me and my person are REAL buddies!"

    1. He is overly elated. So much so that he walks over my face every now and then during the night. He crawls out of the sleeping bag and does his nightly... whatever cats get up to at night. Who knows. But then in the morning he is pawing at the head of the mummy bag till I get the hint to open it up and let him crawl back in. Having done a great job at 'night cat' stuff.