Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ethiopian ; How much room can a near 15lb cat and a man have together?

Two in one day? Woah, buddy.

There is an Ethiopian restaurant across the street. Had it for the first time, tonight. Ooh, so delish. PLUS. You get to eat it with your fingers. Even got to chat up a pretty girl. Not too shabby Mr. Cloud.

I ordered Gotem Wot. It is well seasoned collard greens with potatoes and carrots. As a side there is a small salad and spiced lentils. It all sits on Injera with additional Injera rolled on the side. (A crepe-like flat bread made with Teft. A cereal grain from the region)

Oh, I figured I should show you how the Marmot Two person tent is set up. Just how crammed am I? Not very at all. You have to realize that I still had much less 'volume' in the Eureka Solitaire than I do with the cat and all HIS belongings. Silly Bugger.

Kiki's Dog Crate where his food and water reside.

Gotem Wot - Injera - Salad - Spiced Lentils

Head of Tent. Dog Crate and Head of Mummy sleeping Bag

Foot of Tent. Cat Carrier. Scratchy Cardboard. Wheat litter.


  1. I love your labels for this post: cats, dating, dinner, ethiopian, girls, and tents.

    Love hearing of your adventures with Kiki. Great post (and p.s. I've had ethiopian a few times, it's so good and it's fun to eat with you hands.

  2. Heck, I think it would be fun just to eat. Yes, I'm still on my diet. Three pounds to go.

  3. Looks like both of you are quite comfortable with the road conditions :)

  4. @ 1st, hahaha. ;)

    @ Gran, So very close! Then what will you do for a hobby??

    @ Jenny, I think we are finally finding an equalibrium with it all.