Monday, March 25, 2013

Mr. Pickles and I

 Day : 153, ~ 53 to go.

While everyone is confused and miffed at the non spring, winter we are currently having.... Making it a pain for gardening which we all enjoy.... Im OK. It is just bad enough that I cannot do any flying work. Snow in pictures or low clouds...  Instead. I get to re-meet my cat after all these months away.

I've had him around 10 years now. He's darn near my own child.

PS. Is everyone else getting a sudden up-tick in spam messages on the blog postings?


  1. Spam was bad the past few days, but it seems to be easing off somewhat. I take that back, I just checked and I have yet another. Only one this time though.

    Mr. Pickles is adorable. Yes, we certainly get to love our pets as though they were our children. As it should be.

    Spring might be near, my snap peas are peeking through the soil today!

    You are looking a bit less hairy than usual :-)

    1. Spring eh? An Awful amount of snow lately around the Mitten here for the garden season. Perhaps making up for the mild winter. I'll have to hurry up and finish the cabin for at least a fall sowing of brassicas !

  2. Awww, Mr. Pickles is a cutie! We have three. One is 17 1/2! He's been with me since he was born (I was there to see him born). He couldn't be any more my child if he was a human. I adore him. So love your kitty as much as you want! :-)

    Yes, TONS of spam, I had to go to moderated comments. I may end up turning off anonymous, but I don't want to because there are people who legitimately comment that way. I'll just have to monitor. It has slowed down a bit, but now it's almost all porn spam. I've read about all sorts of things I didn't know, LOL!

    Yeah, Granny is right, less hairy? It didn't freeze off did it?

  3. Was Mr. Pickles a bit put out because you've been gone? Cats are so funny, I reckon that's why we love them!

    I've always been plagued with spam; which is why I have the hated word verification. It cuts down on quite a bit of it. I didn't do moderation because as 1st Man points out, you still have to read them to approve or disapprove. That may be a plus or a minus depending upon one's point of view!

  4. @ Granny : Just a tad less hairy. It is always difficult to find that equal medium between tent sleeping mountain man and humble city abode-dweller.

    @ 1st : That is great to hear! Im imagining it is an indoor cat to have such a long life. No pressure to Mr. Pickles but I expect him to carry on equally so!! :) It just felt time to shave. I was thinking of keeping the mustache but to be honest... it scared me too much with the vision of retro-porn. (70s stache) lol

    @ Leigh : Oh, yeah he gave me the cold cat shoulder when I came back a week ago. Since then he has determined I might be around for a while so he is warming back up. He was more friendly to my roommate whom has been taking care of him in my absence. (It logical to me, smart enough to realize whom to be nice to in the short term... the one that feeds you. ;) )

    Interesting notes about the spam though. I haven't had many issues with it until the last couple weeks. Perhaps its a sign im getting enough views to warrant 'unsavory' advertisements? HAH