Saturday, June 22, 2013

HOA first meetings....

Woke up to a man's voice outside the tent saying, 'Hello'. I asked who it was. When he replied, "Don Geist", I had to do a quick mental calculation as to whether I wanted to be confrontational (Get off my land!) or pleasant.... First impressions that is with the HOA President. LOL  Opted to be pleasant this time. Show him around my build site. Tell him who I was, my plans, how I am going about it, etc.

He was concerned. Attempting to inform me regardless of it being a permit exempt structure,  'ALL' buildings must be run by/approved from the Architectural Committee. Hmm. Ok.

I gave him my hand-drawn version of the 'Work Shed'. After explaining it a bit. Metal roof, colors, blue beetle killed pine siding, whatnot. He took it to a meeting.

Leaving me to ponder what I would do should it not be approved. ( I was thinking of going for an RV and just park that on the plot! In spite of course. ;-) )

After returning to my tent a couple hours later, only to find my piece of paper weighted down by a few rocks. Proudly stating 'Approved - Don Geist' in the corner.

Game on!

I think my cute shed drawing won the board over. The fact it doesn't look like a crap-shed helps.


  1. I never heard of a HOA on a (practically) deserted mountainside! That's exactly what kept me from moving into a nice house on the golf course, opting instead for my older home in a simple suburban location. I've always been one of those "mind your own business" types. Of course, I complain about my neighbor's weeds, and if they let the entire property go to weeds I'd probably complain to the city. I just found out her weeds are edible, so I'll reach over the fence for an occasional harvest. Too bad I don't also like eating crab grass, Bermuda grass and milk weed! But, back to the subject, I'm happy your structure was approved :-)

  2. Yay! A hurdle passed that you didn't know you had to pass, ha. In Texas, HOA's are the scourge of most neighborhoods because they have monopoly like powers. It's kind of creepy. They have even TAKEN people's homes for non payment of dues or wrong paint color.

    Where we live in the city is an old neighborhood (100 years old) and so there are no associations and pretty much no restrictions. The farm is rural enough that there is land with mobile homes, land with old small frame houses (like ours) and land with big brick homes. I think an HOA would just be confused about what to do, LOL!

  3. Glad that went smoothly. Some people just want to be "in-charge." I hope you have no further issues with HOA.

  4. Very cute shed! Maybe needs some cat grass planted somewhere though? Glad everything is working out :)

  5. @ Carol , It actually isn't all that deserted. Plenty of homes, just on large lots. Trees. Topography. I agree with you about a detest for HOA in general. Was quite happy to not have one when I co-owned the house in Michigan. People just had pride in their homes and thus took care of them. (Im thinking of getting a petition going to see if there is enough votes to disolve the HOA altogether. ;) )

    @ Ray, Thanks! No doubt. HOAs get confused and convoluted. This subdivision was established 40-50 years ago. I am not in favor of HOAs. We are all adults here. We know what to do etc. Regardless of a few bad seeds. Crazy about the power they supposedly can possess.

    @ Muse : I'm as well. I remember listening to an HOA board member years ago (not connected to me) talk about not wanting people to even have their garage doors open!

    @ Cat : Thanks! Kiki is having a blast walking around the three acres, eating the high desert hardy grasses. ;)

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    1. Exactly! (Quite the bullet dodger I've become)