Thursday, June 20, 2013

Official Deed Day - Solar Components

It's official - Rather will be at 4pm when I get the warranted Deed.

Other Official news - I've spent a buttload yesterday.


3 Acres (2.88, Im a guy *shrugs*) Land
8 - Canada Solar 250Watt Panels
1 - Midnite Solar 200 Classic Charge Controller (Supplies power to batteries from PV array)
1 - Outback VFX3648 Inverter (DC to AC - I want ample lights and internets!)
1 - Midnite Solar Combiner Box (8 panels will be wired in two strings of 4 each. 150VDC@16.6A)
1 - 300VDC Midnite Solar Lightening Arrestor (Not keen on Zappy Zaps)

and the beauty of what differentiates my PV system from most others....

16 - Lithium Batteries. (3.2 volts : 100Ah for 5KWh) :)

All of these bits should be rolling in within the week. I need to be ready for them!

Talk about motivation!

Actually... Motivation was trying to shave yesterday when the electric Braun 790 ran out of juice. Half my face was done. I am without electricity at the Ranch... Luckily had a disposable razor.... DAMN those hurt.

That is motivation.


  1. Replies
    1. You might not be as Vulgar as Carlin but geesh, you crack me up!

  2. I knew a guy like that once!

    As long as you have funds left to keep Kiki in the lifestyle to which he has been accustomed, life is good.

    Congrats Cloud, can't wait to watch things grow!