Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Internet in the TENT

Hey Folks!

It is a big day at the mountain homestead! I officially installed internet (Cable net) in my tent this afternoon. Was a first for the technitians. lol

Currently its 1.5Mbps, however, I need to call the center and have their software bump it up to 12 based on my distance away from the main hub.

What does this mean for you other than the eccentric thought of it all? Im back online. I can comment on all of your great blogs, I can upload videos. More postings of my wild adventures. How I am surviving in winter etc.


Yesterday I was up at my neighbors, Kevin. He heard this shaking noise and realized it was his wire fence. Turns out that a 4 point buck had jumped over it but tripped. Snagged its front leg into one of the wires which twisted around as he fell down. He struggled for a while then laid there on its back with legs up in the air. Hanging by its one leg.

Kevin, His wife, and I went over. Kevin had some wire cutters. I had a blanket to toss over its head. Decided against the blanket when it started kicking. The wire was too thick for his cutters so he just loosened the twisted wire holding it to the post. After a few minutes of getting the wire off, the buck fell free, twisted up and ran like a bat out of hell. A run that looked to be fully healthy.

Good luck to it. IDK about it surviving. It did not break bone, but the wire pulled its hide back pretty far from its ankle to expose muscle. There was another gash a foot up his leg as well. Didnt look like muscle damage and it wasnt bleeding.

I suspect it wouldnt bleed to death and the lack of a broken leg.... My thought is whether it can lick the skin back together and infection.

If prey or infection doesn't get it.... Wow.

Anyhoot! Once again. Im back!

My Cable Demarcation box!


  1. A tent with internet powered by the sun!

    Is this a great time we're living in or what??

    1. It makes for interesting commentary if nothing else. Perhaps I truly am eccentric.

  2. Nothing wrong with eccentric. Just don't get all weird on us ;-)

    I do hope the buck survives the accident. It was good of you and your neighbor to free him, and you can rest easy knowing you did your best.

    You can bump up to 12 Mbps out in the middle of nowhere? Lucky! I'm trying to learn to live with 3 since switching to DLS, after being used to 30 from cable. It's a lot slower, but also a LOT cheaper, so I can deal with it. Of course, they'll up their price at the end of a year's service, then it will be way overpriced for the speed and I'll have to find an alternative.

    1. No further weird than normally.

      I was hoping for 40 actually. The fiber optic back bone runs down the main road adjacent to me. However, the connection point is down by the convenience store. The tech said if you are within 2500ft you can get such speed but with me being under 5500 im about 12.

      12 is ok for streaming movies and uploading videos. I'd be happy with it.

      I am actually able to function with the 1.5 currently. Just have to buffer for a few minutes first.

      Im sure I will get greedy soon enough. ;) At the moment the novelty of having tent internet is great!

  3. I hope all is well. I've been thinking of you as I watch the news of the rainy weather in your area. I hope you are ok.

    1. The rain is wild lately. I've managed to be alright. I enjoy the sounds of beating rain against the tent. Luckily I am not in a direct area for a flash flood to come down the mountain. If it were to come behind me, itd have to cross a 8 feet deep dry creek. The other way is still full of thick forest.

      I gather that most of the flooded stems from all the fires that makes the ground unable to absorb it until it just flash floods.

      So far so good.

      Aside from the carnage and sadly the deaths elsewhere, the rain up here... I appreciate having it.

    2. Glad to know you are ok. That is a lot of rain to fall in such a short amount of time. I have a friend in Parker and the photos she shared on Facebook are awful. Stay safe and try to stay dry.