Monday, September 23, 2013

The 7th day Rest - Photos.

Moved in yesterday. The forecast called for a low of 38F. The cat and I live at 8500 Feet in Altitude. It was pleasant sleeping in today till nine o'clock. After getting up and heading outside, I noticed that the county was finally resurfacing our side road. I say resurfacing, however, it isn't paved. It's a dirt/gravel road. It has been getting deep gouges from the rains washing rivers across it. They finally ground it all up and packed it flat again.

What a great new start. First night in the cabin. Next morning the street gets fixed. Oh, and then learning from my neighbor (He awoke at 5 am) that there was snow on his wife's car a few inches thick. Now at 9am it of course was all gone... I was skeptical.

Later on my neighbor, Kevin, stopped by to see what I've gotten up to since he helped raise a few walls. We ended up going to lunch at subway down the way. The mountain ranges are indeed now all white again.

Guess my timing was epic! First day of Autumn. Rained Heavily that night. First snow.


Anyhoot. My other neighbor had some furniture for a good deal and I decided to take them up on it to set my cabin off on a nice footing.

Take a look!

My timing is epic. First day of Autumn, Heavy rains that night, and First Snow....

South wall, Double-hung windows will go on both sides of door, while stain glass above it.

West wall.

East wall. My humble current abode until I get to finishing it.


  1. That just made me grin from ear to ear. Artwork before insulation....way to go!!! I think I'll even sleep better tonight, knowing you're safe and (somewhat) warm. What type of fireplace will you install? We had a thermostat controlled Blue Flame heater in our AZ place, and in our motorhome before that. It was great,and very cheap, but it does require a propane tank. We have a propane insert in our fireplace here at home, but it gets too warm for comfort, with no thermostat control. Wood burning fireplaces are too prone to flue fires for my ease of mind, and pellets for pellet stoves are getting mucho expen$ive.

    1. I didn't even think about electric fireplaces. With your free electricity?

    2. A man's got to have priorities now. :)

      It will be a small sheep herder's cabin fireplace. Doesn't need much in such a sized cabin.

    3. Electric heaters draw a lot of electricity. Would be a waste and doubtful to have enough from even my large off grid setup to be on 24 hours come winter

  2. I was smiling yesterday and smiling even more today. Speaking of the artwork, are those originals? Love the style of them! I bet the smallest of heaters will warm that place up quickly. So when do we get to see a picture of Kiki curled up in the middle of that chair (as they so often do, ha). Happy days for you, so excited!

  3. that looks really nice! just need to add running water, stove and septic and you're all set for winter!

  4. I was thinking about you when I scraped the frost off my car windows this morning at 6am. You timed that about as close as you could get. Does the tiny house have insulation? Inquiring minds and all that. *grins*

  5. @ 1st. I took some photos for you. Ill add them up in another post.

    @ Jenny - :-) After the insulation and drywall, the hot shower is next on the list!

    @Jennifer - RIght now it lack insulation, but Ill get some in a week or so, then drywall. I struck out on the timing!