Saturday, October 5, 2013

Updated/Edited : Next week is a perfect time to get insulation....

Guess I am going to have to insulate the cabin this week to get through the night without (when the fire goes out while sleeping) waking up to a frozen toothbrush. Makes keeping the pearlies a little more exciting.

Or at least don't forget to empty out your bathroom cup of rise water.

Edit : Today is a big day. First day the cat has bothered to figure out how to go up and down the ladder to the bedroom. Had to go out and feed the neighbors dogs. When I returned. I found the cat had climbed it himself to hide in the warm sleeping bag. Guess I'm back to having two beings in the bag.

Also, Last night I tried out using wood pellets in the fireplace. (Im going to clad it in bricks to retain more of the heat. Convert the stainless box into an insert and then create a masonry heater out of it) Burns hotter. Cleaned out the soot accumulated after a week or two of burns. Was surprised to find red coals buried in the ash at noon today. Added some more pellets on top and after a bit, came back with little coaxing of a lighter on top of them. I'm enjoying this.


  1. Amazing! Hard to believe its freezing somewhere when, at 11pm here, it's 80. My husband and some friends are setting up a camp on some land in northern Florida for family weekends and they just got a construction trailer to set up as the main "house". After telling him about your setup, he has become very interested in setting up solar power to the trailer instead of using a generator. We will be watching with anticipation as you work on your tiny house (and maybe translating some of your ideas to our project).

    1. That sounds amazing. I look forward to swapping ideas and seeing your project come to fruition.

      Believe me... I was equally surprise with the Toothbrush popcicle! Nothing else froze in the cabin. The jar of spaghetti sauce was fine. Plus, the fireplace had coals at noon. I'm confused.