Friday, August 1, 2014

Project - Money Maker.

I have a new project that I am now working on up here.

So many people have land and with the county being so.... militant, it is a pain for them to utilize it.

Last year, my neighbor purchased a 1972 travel trailer to store his things in while he was snow-birding in AZ. This afternoon we emptied it out for the new project. I have it currently sitting right next to the Tiny House. Over the next day or two I am going to completely tear it down to the tandem axel frame. Sell the siding for scrap. Use the 2x2 lumber that these trailers are built out of for firewood this upcoming winter season. My buddy and I are going to immediately get onto building a 12ft by 24ft Tiny House on it.

Last year we managed to get my place dried in within 6 days between the two of us. The idea is to get this project framed up, insulated. Roofed. Siding. Install either drywall or luane over the interior insulation. Frame out the bathroom/shower sections. Install a loft. Basically accomplish all of the rough work. Bringing it to a move in ready state. Where the owner can choose the finishes as they want. Complete the kitchen as it works for them. The electrical will be ran. Breaker box installed so you either connect an rv plug to it or run solar into it.

Sell it locally to make a decent bit. Then I can move on to finishing up my own place! :) I think I would feel spoiled if I did manage to get drywall up. LOL

My neighbor really believes there is a market up here for them. After talking to all these locals. Everyone has a county enforcer story. They are all bad.

If people can purchase something reasonable, that allows them to live comfortably through even our harsh -20F winters (Which an RV or old Travel Trailer isn't going to allow. IE the different between Tiny Houses built as homes rather than an RV) then they can 100% legally circumvent all the bureaucracy of the local County Enforcers.

What do you think? :)

Solar. Gazebo-Deck. Tiny House. 1972 Trailer to be torn down for tandem axel frame (For new Tiny House build to be sold locally) Tiny House will be 12ft by 24ft. 288SF

Majestic view of the whole gambit, including Dog Head Mnt.

I had this pot that the Neighbor gave me before she left. I just thought it was a pot with soil. Turns out Sunflowers came up. Woo! Also. Learned that you can grow Sunflowers at this altitude. Kewl.


  1. Do the project right and you can create a business out of it. Others build and sell 'Tiny Homes' and so can you!

    By the way, is your chimney falling over or is it supposed to be that way?

    1. Observant. I have to rearrange the spout to up straight. I am often not looking up there so it barely causes me to want to get a ladder out to rectify it. Another month when it gets colder... I will set it up better.

      I am trying to upload a video from this afternoon where I am talking about the new project.

      That 1972 trailer, Mike, still has a 20,000 BTU propane furnace in it. For the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out whether you can possibly hook a programmable thermostat to a portable propane heater. Having realized that this trailer has a propane furnace... I know it can work with a programmable one.

      I still wish to mainly rely on cord wood. I used a little over a cord last year to comfortably make it through a harsh winter.

      The only thing was that when I would go to sleep, by the time I got up, it would be very very cold. Having a thermostat to keep it above 50F or so would be nice. That way I am not going broke purchasing propane at $3.50/gallon or those ridiculous Rhino prices. Just use it during the night when the fire dies down and its20 below outside. Keep it moderate until I get up to either have another fire or turn on the space heater with the sunshining.

  2. I love your idea. Have you seen the new show "Tiny House Nation"? Typical home improvement type show but the guys building the tiny homes really know their stuff and come up with some ingenious solutions to use space correctly. I definitely think about you and your tiny house when I watch it. I think there is a definite 'movement' now in the country for people looking for that simpler, smaller house living and you could very well do tap into that, as well as helping people 'deal' with the government bureaucracy.

    1. I have not. But. I have commented upon it on FB before. I am very interested in seeing how it affects my dating life with all the exposure. It seems like it would make things easier as it is out there and more people would be familiar with it. :)

      1st, I am not a big anti-government guy, however, this county is really oppressive. They go above and beyond the call of duty. I have learned over this year that you have to put your foot down. Draw a line in the sand. Know exactly what the law is. AND. Have a really good fence with a pretty No Trespass sign.

      You do all of those things and you can live quite peacefully. These days I wave at the officials passing by who slow down as they drive by. Because inside I know that there is nothing that I am doing that is Illegal that they have any reason to stop by.

      Now I can resume being a happy go lucky sort. :)