Sunday, September 28, 2014

Playing with Weather, Mountains, and Time Lapse Photography

The Gopro is a nice camera for doing all sorts of things. It takes 12 mexapixel stills at 4000x3000 resolution. Decided to do some time lapse photography, much to the nagging of a friend of mine. Each segment, I would set up the camera to take a shot every half second. Then wait 30 minutes before shutting it down. That ended up being 2600 stills to be imported to the video editor and at a size of 11 gigs! Now do that a couple more times and you have some material to do something with!

That first clip of 2600 photos became a 1m26s clip in which I sped up to 20 second.


Hope all is well with you all!

Oh. I might have a date tonight! (I say might, because I am always passive about the situation until someone actually shows up! Ha!)

Fingers Crossed.


  1. A DATE? Oh no and you don't have the bathroom attached yet do you? Better get creative and come up with something other than a bucket! :-)

    The camera is amazing, glad you brought it back to life.

    1. A DATE! Was a great one at that. I would be happy to have another one with her. She was ingenious. She made sure to use the restroom at the Pizza Joint, then only limited herself to one cup of tea at the house. :) Haha. Keeping herself from having to tackle the compost loo on the first date.

      It was nice to have a discussion about current events, what I have accomplished here, and other random tidbits.

      I agree. Having the camera back gives me more options for video ideas. I still need to get a lapel mic to ensure clear audio without wind or road noises.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time!

    1. I had a wonderful time! :) Have another date in the works. I love it when a plan comes together.